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China - Lead poisoning found in 10% of people tested due to industrial "malice" in Deqing, Zhejiang province

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  • China - Lead poisoning found in 10% of people tested due to industrial "malice" in Deqing, Zhejiang province

    machine translation -

    Deqing first confirmed blood lead exceeded 31

    Have people read 2011-05-1001:47 Beijing News

    Illegal sewage arising from either excessive corporate malice, the legal representative to be controlled; evaluation of serious inaccuracies in the EIA units
     ■ "blood lead poisoning cases, Zhejiang Deqing County," Tracking
      Zhejiang Province, Xinhua News Agency Xinhua General informed the Environmental Protection Agency last night on the town, Deqing County, "lead poisoning cases," the preliminary findings: This was a malicious excessive illegal sewage company, a serious evaluation of the EIA unit untrue, relocation of the town government does not implement commitments , the sensitivity of the local government and relevant departments are not strong, weak response to emergencies caused by environmental emergencies.
      At present, arising from either the local public security department of the business, long-battery Co., Ltd. Zhejiang, Shanghai has taken the legal representative of the control measures.
      3 months, is located in Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province town Battery Co. surrounding sea for a long time, many children and adults in the hospital was found in blood lead exceeded the process.
      Deqing County, Zhejiang Province Environmental Protection Agency requires companies around the masses as soon as possible, the blood lead testing of employees work in complete control of blood lead level exceeding the situation and make proper diagnosis and treatment of all blood lead level exceeding the work of the masses; in the enterprise reform measures put in place, Health Protection distance before the villagers moved in place, determined not to resume production.
      At present, Zhejiang Province Environmental Protection Office sent 10 inspection teams are registered for all the province's 273 enterprises carpet battery investigation, reach for the requirements of the business, immediately ordered to stop production improvement. The province has cut 213 battery business regulation.
      Deqing County, statistics provided by the Information Office, as at 9:00 on May 9, 1989, Deqing County, who has been sampling the masses. Has the test results in 317 people, blood lead level exceeding 31 people, including 11 children.