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Taiwan experts worry H7N9 infection in younger patients is a warning of increasing efficiency of the virus

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  • Taiwan experts worry H7N9 infection in younger patients is a warning of increasing efficiency of the virus

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    H7N9 infection in younger patients improved efficiency

    China Times Zhu Fangyao ╱ Taipei
    The first two cases of H7N9 influenza domestic imported cases, a 86-year-old Chinese man, Jiangsu Province, mainland China, the 20th in the evening, unfortunately, due to severe pneumonia and septic shock and death, becoming China's first case of imported H7N9 deaths. Epidemic prevention experts worry that although mainland infected younger, is a warning, that the virus infected people "efficiency" is increasing.
    Deputy Director of the Department of Disease Control, Zhou Zhihao pointed to the end of December last year, during the onset of Taiwan tourism and diagnosed, the treatment in Taiwan, such as repeated sputum specimen collection, the body has not detected H7N9 influenza virus, in the 14th to lift the isolation treatment. However, the patient did not slow down the symptoms of pneumonia, the last still unfortunately died. Last April, the first occurrence of one case of domestic imported cases of H7N9, a Taiwanese, has recovered after the onset of treatment.
    Experts now fear epidemic alert
    H7N9 influenza epidemic in China by the attention, the Central Epidemic Command Center held a meeting yesterday to discuss, illness pipe Director Zhang Fengyi, said, according to epidemiological survey, H7N9 has not yet confirmed signs of sustained human to human transmission, but must be closely watched.
    His warning, New Year approaching, Taiwan will have to return to Taiwan New Year, the country is expected in the coming weeks may recur H7N9 imported cases, the first line of health care is important to be vigilant, if found suspected cases notified as soon as possible. If you go to China after the Chinese mainland, flu-like symptoms, they should wear a mask doctor as soon as possible and inform the birds contact history, travel history.
    Dramatic increase in the number of cases of mainland weeks
    Zhang Fengyi, said just a few weeks, confirmed cases of H7N9 in China increased rapidly, and the distribution moves south, showing Fujian, Guangdong and other coastal birds southeast potential source of infection. In addition, China H7N9 cases last autumn after the infected person to a gradual decline in the prime ages, even in patients with early 30s, this is a warning, indicating generally low resistance to H7N9, even in men, and could seriously infection, its pathogenicity can not be underestimated.
    "H7N9 outbreaks are moving toward the bad direction!" National Taiwan University Hospital, director of Li-Min Huang infected children worried that infected younger, worrisome H7N9 infection in people "efficiency" is increasing.
    Illness tubes Department statistics, from 2013 to date, has accumulated 209 cases of H7N9 confirmed cases, including 58 deaths.
    Influenza medical treatment and then break 10 million
    Domestic medical treatment due to flu-like symptoms people for two weeks over 10 million passengers. Disease Control Department analysis, influenza slowing the rate of increase in attendances, showing flu epidemic has entered a peak period. Last week, two people died of influenza in serious condition, and finally died of respiratory failure.
    According to the latest national surveillance data, outpatient influenza-like illness last week, emergency cases reached 109,268 passengers, compared with the previous week, an increase of about 3,000 people. Deputy Director of the Department of Disease Control, said Zhou Zhihao, doctor visits for influenza-like the past few weeks, though still rising, but the increase has slowed.
    Illness tubes Department statistics, last week added 98 cases of confirmed cases of influenza complications, including 54 cases of H3N2 flu infection, 38 cases and six cases of H1N1 influenza B.

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