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China - NHFPC issues new H7N9 treatment guidance as new cases continue to appear - February 20, 2017

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  • China - NHFPC issues new H7N9 treatment guidance as new cases continue to appear - February 20, 2017

    Notice of the General Office of the National Health Commission on Strengthening the Medical Treatment of H7N9 Avian Influenza

    Posted: 2017-02-20
    Guo Wei invented electricity [2017] No. 10

      Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities Health and Health Committee , Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Health Bureau: At present, China is infected with H7N9 avian influenza (hereinafter referred to as H7N9) epidemic season, new cases continue to appear. To further improve the "early detection, early reporting, early diagnosis, early treatment" ability to strengthen medical treatment, reduce mortality, and effectively protect the health rights of the people, is to strengthen the H7N9 medical treatment related work notice as follows:

      First, the height emphasis on medical treatment work

      to fully understand the current H7N9 epidemic prevention and control situation, always put the people's health and life safety first, follow the principle of the work, "according to the law, scientific, standardized and unified," according to "a strong, orderly, and effective, Have a degree of "prevention and control policy, to further strengthen the H7N9 medical treatment work, make the greatest efforts to save the lives of the masses. Timely collection of relevant relevant case data, and on the 15th of each month before the report of our medical and health hospital.

      Second, the strict
      implementation of the "four early" requirements at all levels of health and family planning departments and all levels of medical institutions in accordance with the "human infection H7N9 avian influenza diagnosis and treatment program (2017 first edition)" (hereinafter referred to as "treatment program") and related Technical program requirements, the implementation of "early detection, early reporting, early diagnosis, early treatment" work requirements.
      (A) move forward, center of gravity down, strengthen the case screening and early diagnosis. Increase the training of primary health care institutions and frontline medical personnel, improve early identification ability. Patients with fever with respiratory symptoms should be asked about the history of epidemiology, especially bird exposure or live poultry market exposure. To timely collection of respiratory samples, especially lower respiratory tract specimens for H7N9 virus nucleic acid detection. For cases of high suspicion, repeat sampling.
      (B) early implementation of anti-influenza virus treatment. In the following circumstances, as far as possible within 48 hours of onset to give anti-influenza virus treatment, without waiting for the results of pathogens: First, in line with "diagnosis and treatment program" suspected diagnostic criteria, 10 days before the onset of poultry and its secretions, excretion Physical contact history or to live poultry market; the second is in line with "diagnosis and treatment program" suspected diagnostic criteria, and H7N9 cases have close contact history, the recent fever, cough, sputum and other symptoms; third is considered for the flu, Medical treatment program "in the development of severe risk factors.

      Third, the focus admitted reduce mortality
      in accordance with the principle of "focus on the patient, a pool of experts, pooling of resources, centralized treatment", and severe cases of H7N9 implementation of scientific and rational treatment. Combined with the characteristics of the epidemic and medical resources, designated with a strong overall strength, in line with the requirements of respiratory tract treatment hospital, centralized treatment of H7N9 severe cases, and organizations of patients with severe cases of "one to one" treatment. Strengthen the assessment of patients with disease, scientific screening of critically ill patients, timely transfer to designated hospitals, reduce mortality.
      To further strengthen the hospital infection management work, prevention and control of H7N9 hospital infection, scientific implementation of personal protective measures.
      Contact: National Health and Family Planning Commission Li Ya Medical Administration Authority
      Telephone: 68791875

    Ministry of National Health and Health Commission
    on February 19, 2017