The weather is hot and cold. Flu is in active phase. Experts advise against contact with live birds

Wenzhou network 2016-12-28 07:22:00
There was an increase in the frequency of live poultry trade at the end of the year, and the risk of human and poultry infection with H7N9 was also higher.The recent, the city's major hospitals have also come to a number of small seasonal influenza patients

  This winter cold and hot weather so that the influenza virus into the active period, H7N9 influenza virus has gradually become active. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the city CDC, the city in the farmers market, poultry backyard more areas outside the environment specimens are also detected H7N9 virus. In this regard, experts suggest that the end of the year increased the frequency of live poultry transactions, people, poultry infected with H7N9 influenza risk will increase. The recent, the city's major hospitals have also come to a number of small seasonal influenza patients.   After a blood test, Wen Yu Da Yingying Children's Hospital that the recent surge in pediatric patients, mostly due to influenza virus, especially influenza A virus and illness. Doctors said that the influenza is seasonal influenza, with the recent weather can not get away. The next cold air led to a sudden drop in temperature, intestinal infectious diseases will not only occur, but also the high incidence of respiratory diseases season. City CDC staff said that the current vaccination against influenza is the easiest and most effective way to prevent influenza.   In addition, winter and spring is also a critical period of prevention and control of H7N9 influenza. The city in the farmers market, poultry free-range area of ​​more environmental specimens were detected in the H7N9 virus."H7N9 bacteria resistant to low temperature heat intolerance, and at present, is in winter and spring high incidence of respiratory diseases season, coupled with near the Spring Festival, poultry trade will become increasingly active." City Center for Disease Control Center, said Ni Chaorong infection, human infection H7N9 Influenza is caused by the H7N9 influenza virus, a respiratory infectious disease, all of the H7N9 influenza virus are susceptible to influenza-like symptoms and pneumonia as the main clinical manifestations.   Live poultry market, poultry market and other poultry environmental exposure is a major risk factor for H7N9 virus infection. He suggested that, especially the elderly and other people with low immunity, try not to buy live birds, buy white striped poultry should avoid buying their own slaughter and no quarantine and quarantine signs and poultry products. Must be exposed to live birds, should be washed as soon as possible after contact, raw and cooked food separated. Operators should regularly on the home, poultry houses and other disinfection cleaning, usually work to wear masks, latex gloves and so on. When a cold symptoms, should wear masks, fever in a timely manner to go to a doctor, and inform the doctor whether the recent contact with poultry for early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.   In addition, experts suggest that the elderly in addition to influenza vaccine, but also recommended vaccination pneumonia vaccine. Pneumonia is a common infectious disease that threatens the health of the elderly and is an important cause of death in the elderly. Pneumonia vaccination once, the protection of the body of at least 5 years. A pneumococcal vaccine can be inoculated with an influenza vaccine at the same time.   Source: Wenzhou Business Daily