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Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing City, reported 1 new case of H7N9 human infection - January 8, 2016

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  • Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing City, reported 1 new case of H7N9 human infection - January 8, 2016

    Province: Zhejiang

    Locality: Keqiao district, Shaoxing City

    Age: RFI

    Sex: Female

    Identifier: not known at this time

    Confirmation: announced 8-Jan-16

    Onset: RFI

    Hospitalisation: currently in critical condition, being treated in hospital as of 8-Jan-16

    Outcome: apparently reported fatal as of 11-Jan-16 respectively [Keqiao Daily]

    Exposure: RFI

    Close contacts: RFI

    RFI= Requesting further information

    IP&C : After the outbreak, the city, the district government has moved quickly to two related epidemic prevention and control measures
    1. keqiao district administrative region and the main city of Shangyu region from July 1, 2014 implementation of the live poultry slaughtering and killing white listing, ban live animal
    2. Other areas, farmers market live poultry trading county (city) the main city has permanently closed, non-main urban (mainly in rural areas) to implement the farmers market live animal, "cleaning and disinfection, the Rest" and other measures, but backyard poultry household contacts and live poultry is still the onset of the focus groups.
    • Remember to avoid unnecessary contact with poultry, especially in contact with the sick, dead poultry, you must have access to, the need to pay attention to personal protection.
    • when buying poultry products, please choose to buy through regular sales venues quarantine chilled products (for example, "kill white chicken").
    • in food processing, there must be separate raw and cooked, best to wear gloves. When eating, raw poultry, meat and eggs must be cooked fully cooked.
    • poultry breeding, sale, slaughter poultry in contact with staff to do personal protection (gloves, masks, wearing overalls), after touching note with disinfectant and water thoroughly clean your hands.
    • If there is fever, headache, nasal congestion, cough, general malaise and other respiratory symptoms should wear a mask, to the hospital as soon as possible, and be sure to tell the doctor if he had contact with poultry before the onset of their secretions, excretions, or to live poultry market and other conditions, so that the doctor make targeted treatment.
    • maintain good personal hygiene habits, increasing physical activity, enhance physical fitness, improve immunity is also very necessary. (CDC)

    Sources: [accessed 9-Jan-16 and 10-Jan-16 Keqiao Daily 21:40hrs. UK time]

    Shaoxing City Health and Family Planning, Prevention and Control Center to remind the general public: the recent H7N9 enters the high season does not prevent H7N9 remember touching live birds and their living environment Date: 2016-01-08 Under media

    Shaoxing City CDC, Keqiao district report one case of H7N9 cases for Disease Prevention and Control Center to remind the general public: the recent H7N9 enters the high season does not prevent H7N9 remember touching live birds and their living environment, Published: 2016-01-08 15:42:28

    Keqiao district Diagnose H7N9 cases ,Winter and spring high incidence, prevention is the key , 2016-01-11 , Keqiao Daily [Female Fatal]

    11-Jan-15 05:52 UK Shaoxing City Health and Family Planning Health Education carrying Shaoxing City CDC

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    This fatal case has been confirmed by this Local Gov. report!

    Shaoxing Keqiao District Health and Family Planning Board, confirmed one case of H7N9 cases district, Date: [2016-01-12] Source: Keqiao government network Views: Secondary

    According to Wei, Zhejiang Province Planning Commission informed the province that have occurred since the autumn of 2015 more than H7N9 cases. January 8, Keqiao District also reported a case of H7N9 severe cases, after she died.

    ?@?@Disease control experts remind the general public, with the Spring Festival approaching, poultry meat on the table is essential, but to understand the necessary disease prevention knowledge, good self-protection can not be ignored.

    ?@?@It is understood, H7N9 bird flu virus is a virus, usually only infects birds, causing birds, bird disease. In rare cases it can infect humans, causing flu-like symptoms. Now that the source of infection to carry H7N9 avian influenza, can be spread through the respiratory tract or in close contact with poultry infected with secretions or excretions obtained; or by exposure to the virus spread to humans polluted environment.
    ?@?@According to reports, winter and spring is the H7N9 high season, the public should strengthen self prevention, everyday life, should try to avoid direct contact with live poultry, birds or their droppings, if you have been in contact, shall as soon as Wash your hands with soap and running water; Do not buy live poultry, not self-slaughter, should be purchased in the formal market, "one card two standard" eviscerated listed kill white poultry; raw poultry, meat and eggs, etc., must be cooked fully cooked, processed raw poultry After the meat and eggs, wash hands thoroughly; should pay attention to food hygiene, food processing to achieve separate raw and cooked; cultivate a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, enhance physical fitness; if fever and respiratory symptoms should wear a mask as soon as possible for treatment, remember to tell the history of contact with poultry before the onset of doctors, and the doctors under the guidance of regular treatment and medication.

    ?@?@Usually people infected with H7N9 showed flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, sputum less, may be associated with headache, muscle aches and general malaise. The rapid development in patients with severe disease, manifested as severe pneumonia, symptoms include fever, cough, dyspnea and high mortality. Experts suggest that if there is fever, cough, headache and other respiratory symptoms, some patients with persistent diarrhea, should as soon as possible to the medical and health institutions for treatment, such as direct contact with birds or live poultry in the places visited there should take the initiative to tell the doctor.
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