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Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

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    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    Translation Google

    Life Diary: glass slide with the 123 days of bird flu

    February 11, 2014 08:40:18 |Zhejiang Online news site|
    Shaoxing H7N9 patient discharged yesterday diagnosed last fall, the younger brother of the night waiting for each other since childhood, recorded the victory over the death of his brother, bit by bit
    123 days later, Liu Jintao hospital.
    October 11, 2013, he was admitted to intensive care in Shaoxing City People's Hospital. Three days later, he was diagnosed with in 2013, Zhejiang Province, the first cases of H7N9 patients autumn bird flu.
    He was unconscious for three months, repeated illness, life was once predicted to enter the countdown. But he survived!
    Beyond 123 days, wards, is the younger brother Liu Dong refused to leave the fate of dependency, and record life with 123 diary. "No parents, no me no brother, no I am now his support from the whole family." Brother who is also the father's brother also had his eight-year youth to go to Guangzhou to work, only for the home brother to complete their studies.
    Now, he basically recovered. After a month or two to rest, you can go to work. However, full recovery, the need to at least 2023.
    Fried chicken with bloodshot Blame
    "My brother was finally released from the hospital this morning." Yesterday, Liu Dong wrote in the online journal Dir 123.
    Discharged Liu Jintao, wrapped tightly: Wear line cap, a thick black feather underwear.
    "I lost and now only 130 pounds, 165 pounds before, a reduction of 35 pounds." Without an oxygen mask, no wheelchair, he can walk independently, self-care. But, to speak, to walk, and some minor asthma.
    That nightmare remember 123 days ago, Liu Jintao fresh. Single, he lived in the unit dormitory, eating simple. During the National Day last year, he went to the supermarket and bought three fried chicken.
    Second only to eat, the taste is not right, chicken with bloodshot eyes. He did not dare to eat, thrown into the trash. Nevertheless, the first two days, he started having diarrhea. The first three days, is also true. He dared not neglect the first four days to the town's hospital, hanging drip.

    Can be worse, but the disease turned straight down, until last October 11.
    6:00 that evening, Liu Dong in Shanghai received a brother working telephone. "A breathless voice, at first I did not recognize my brother. Brother said, 'Are you free? Tomorrow can come to me about it?' I have not had time to ask what had happened, the phone was taken away side nurses of her serious and urgent to say, 'You come over here now! your brother is very serious. better hurry up tonight!' I'm a, head 'Om' slamming. hastily **** up the phone, in a hurry to go out to catch the last Shaoxing class high-speed rail. "Liu Dong, wrote the first paper diary.
    Liu Jintao, lying emergency room, wearing an oxygen mask, high fever, cough, sweating more than. "The doctor showed me a brother of the film, when two-thirds of the lung have been white. Doctor said, very serious, to immediately intubated into the ICU."
    That night, Liu Dong signed a notice in critical condition. "One night. Cold. Worry, fear, despair. Memories, prayer. Accompanied by bursts of others grunt. Finally coming dawn." Brother, dead or alive.
    Experts predict "into the death countdown"
    In fact, far more than this day. Every day, all life to death.
    4 days after admission, Liu Jintao was diagnosed with bird flu. "Notice of family and friends, everyone was surprised. Really did not expect that a term has been almost forgotten, suddenly fell on my brother's head, which is how a probability ah! Yiyewumian again."
    Although, expert consultation, Liu Jintao coma, but in line between life struggle. "Every once in agony for a few seconds, the power of the body are exhausted, cramps camel breath. Overall situation and unchanged from yesterday, but this is the lowest limit of the flat. Again low, you lose." 2013 October 29, Liu Jintao first 19 days of admission.
    Despair enveloped his brother Liu Dong. "What I can not help him out, he looked on helplessly. Thinking of the suffering he suffered, I really want to give my lungs out half brother with."
    That night, Liu Dong was not any sleep. "Cranky, brother in mind is the picture suffers." The next day, the situation did not improve, "Brother has come to the edge of the cliff, there is likely to fall at any time, the situation is very critical."
    He began to fear, fear of losing his brother. "Before I am to ask the situation will call brother and now I can not, mainly fear. Afraid to hear bad news, but also afraid of receiving ICU phone. Endured not fight, endured not ask."
    Gradually, Liu Jintao began to improve. To life, love to joke. When you think of luck, but to a disaster.
    By the end of November last year, Liu Jintao again critical. When new ones artificial lung, a few seconds of ECG appears straight. Doctors in advance under a death sentence.
    "Experts say the province, according to her decades of medical experience point of view, the situation is very bad my brother a few days this improvement, it is an illusion. Before she thinks I'm younger brother, other organs are very good-maintained , there will be a miracle, but now she felt disillusioned and now has a countdown, and may at any time be gone and she is very sympathetic to us, but no longer do nothing. "
    Departed loved ones who bear the weight? Liu Dong despair again. "I cried for a long time in the afternoon, his eyes a little pain, a little sore brain Jen evening, did not even tear up."
    Family misfortune, leg broke, he came through
    Yeah long 4-year-old brother, also brother is also a parent.
    "No parents, no me can no brother, no I am now his support from the whole family." Liu Dong said.
    In 1998, Liu Jintao 19 years old. In another year, he will be able to middle school, earn money for the family. But, wait less than a never been seen.
    Money, has been wound Liu nightmare. "We childhood poverty caused by family, could not rolled over so many years." Liu Jintao age of 15, the mother died.
    19-year-old Liu Jintao, said nothing, pack a few clothes, jump on the train, went to Zhengzhou. With a handicraft art skills, he was spotted by a business. Not yet graduated, he entered the community early, south of Guangzhou.
    This walk is 8 years. One person alone, how no hardship? May he never said loudly. "I'm fine here, you worry." He always said so.
    8 years, he used the best years, only for his brother Liu Dong grown up. 3 years of high school, three years of college police academy, a full six-year tuition Liu Dong, Liu Jintao wage earned thanks.
    He himself, but no savings. "Over the years, he was almost no deposits, just leave your own living expenses, everything else supplement the family income, for my school. Family had no money, not to pay off a debt ass, own meager income." Perhaps for this reason, Liu Jintao has not married.
    For fate, he never complained. He endure in silence, a man picking up. He is very stubborn, do not believe in fate. 7 years old, a car accident, not the left thumb, but he survived. In 2005, he broke his leg skating, and survive. Liu Dong said, "This is my brother rest of my life Bumpy Road, was a lot of crime, but hard life. Recent outbreak of avian flu, I think he can get over it."
    Yes, the hard life of Liu Jintao survive. Despite his pulmonary function still good body is still soft. But as long as alive, there is hope.
    Alive, nice!

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    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    I believe this is the same case

    Jiaxing Disease Prevention and Control Center
    Zhejiang Province, one case of H7N9 bird flu new
    Source: Evening News (Hangzhou) Date: 2014-01-10 Read: 20

    ....In addition, the reporter learned that the second half of 2013 H7N9 avian influenza infection in patients Shaoxing Liu, struggle with the disease 89 days after the medical staff trying to resuscitate, passed the critical stage. The day before yesterday has been transferred to a general ward, which means that he has been cured of bird flu, and has been able to walk, just a short time after rehabilitation, can be discharged. Professor of Zhejiang University First Hospital ICU main任方强consultation as he repeatedly said that it complies with all the laws of the flu virus, virus attack, very destructive, especially H7N9 avian influenza virus so cause people to breathe in a short time failure and life-threatening.....

    Other official sources as above!

    Chen Y, Fu L, Chen Z, Gong Z, Mao H, Wang D, Ni MY, Wu P, Yu Z, He T, Li Z, Gao J, Liu S, Shu Y, Cowling BJ, Xia S, Yu H. Human infection with avian influenza A(H7N9) virus re-emerges in China in winter 2013. Euro Surveill. 2013;18(43):pii=20616. Available online:

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  • Giuseppe
    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    It should be noted, however, that near the residence location of the October 15 Zhejiang case, some environmental samples from live poultry market tested positive for H7N9 as detailed in the Eurosurveillance report describing the investigation on the case.

    An animal reservoir is active and thus is essential to increase distance between animals and humans in order to avoid further cases and deaths or Dangerous cluster of cases.

    Importantly, the virus has not much changed since this spring in terms of mammalian adaptation or resistance to antivirals so that the animal-human interface interventions remain pivotal in control and prevention of epidemics. GM

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    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    New China H7N9 bird flu cases 'signal potential winter epidemic'

    By Kate Kelland
    LONDON | Fri Oct 25, 2013 3:56am IST

    (Reuters) - Fresh human cases in eastern China of a deadly new strain of bird flu signal the potential for "a new epidemic wave" of the disease in coming winter months, scientists said on Thursday.

    The strain, known as H7N9, emerged for the first time in humans earlier this year and killed around 45 of the some 135 people it infected before appearing to peter out in China During the summer.

    But a new case in October in a 35-year-old man from China's eastern Zhejiang province shows that the virus "has re-emerged in winter 2013" and "indicates a possible risk of a larger outbreak of H7N9 this winter," according to Chinese researchers writing in the online journal Euro surveillance.
    Ab Osterhaus, a leading virologist based at the Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands who has been tracking the virus, told Reuters earlier this month: "We're bracing for what's going to happen next."
    In a detailed analysis of the 35-year-old man's case, scientists from the Zhejiang Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said it differed from previous ones in that it was a severe case in a younger patient "with no obvious underlying diseases and no obvious recent direct contact with live poultry".

    Most laboratory-confirmed cases in the past had been people over the age of 60, many of whom said they'd had recent exposure to poultry, generally at live bird markets.

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    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    Zhejiang bird flu began failure of various organs by artificial lungs

    2013-10-21 07:42:08 Hangzhou Network

    Mr. Liu's situation is not optimistic

    Reporters learned yesterday, is Shaoxing City People's Hospital for treatment of patients Liu, currently in critical condition, the lungs have been all white, multi-organ failure starts, it needs "artificial lung" breathing. Experts said that Mr. Liu's situation is not optimistic about the possibility of only 50% survived.

    Yesterday 13:00 or so, Mr. Liu's brother Liu, in the micro-channel circle of friends made a photograph. Photo, Liu lying in intensive ward, who stuck his face all kinds of tubes, relying on breathing masks. It was five days ago, Mr. Liu was transferred to negative pressure rooms before Liu photographed.

    These days, Liu has been

    Keep outside the ward. Yesterday morning, the doctor told Liu a bad news, Mr. Liu has started each organ failure, the situation is very critical time, may be life-threatening.

    Heard the news of Liu suddenly Mongolia. "The doctor said that my brother had been able to come up oxygen saturation, two lungs are now all white, can not breathe independently, multi-organ failure begins. 12:00 or so, my brother were using artificial lung, but the effect is not good patient before the doctor said, my brother is currently in critical condition in the critically ill, the possibility to live only about 50%. "

    Last night, the reporter contacted the director of infection Zheda a hospital physician Joseph Leung. This one week, he has been involved in the rescue Liu. "The patient's condition is more complicated, unstable oxygen saturation disease. Condition changes quickly these days, difficult to control, at any time there may be life-threatening, doctors have been monitoring the ready."

    From October 7th to the onset of dying yesterday, Liu did not think his brother's condition so fast. "My brother onset of the 7th, but vomiting, fever, cough on the 11th to the emergency, and today (the 20th) is also only two weeks time, is now in critical condition, disease progression is too fast!"

    Liu recalled that the 11th night, arrived in Shaoxing City People's Hospital emergency room, have been reluctant to cooperate with the treatment of his brother before accepting intubation, followed by coma. At that time, Mr. Liu has emerged respiratory failure, pulmonary white, high fever symptoms. October 14 at midnight, Mr. Liu was eventually diagnosed with H7N9 avian influenza virus infection, the 15th immediately go to the negative pressure isolation ward and accept artificial liver treatment.

    "On the 17th, the doctors were using 'four anti-two balancing' treatment strategies, yesterday to spend the artificial lung, but the situation is not ideal." Liu says, choking, "virus ferocious, I hope my brother can survive it off. "

    Source: Youth Times Author: Times reporter intern reporter Zheng Qi Yu Cc Editor: Gao Tingting

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    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    Translation Google

    Shaoxing, a farmers market detected H7N9 virus

    At 14:49 on October 18, 2013 Source: Youth Times  
    Yesterday, the Provincial Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention deputy director CHEN En-fu confirmed, which can determine the name of H7N9 infection in Shaoxing local infection. The reporter learned from the hospital, the patient is in stable condition yesterday, has used the word "four anti-two balanced" treatment strategy.
    Farmers market outside environment has detected a virus
    Reporters learned from relevant departments, quarantine officers in the lives of patients around a farmer's market sampling test results show, H7N9 virus positive. "Our farmers market in that the outer environment has detected a virus, which can be determined that the patient is in the local infection." CHEN En-fu, deputy director said that the current Shaoxing local farmers market has the possibility of existence of H7N9 virus, as the weather changes cold, farmers markets and live animal markets are disinfecting cleaning work should be strengthened.
    CHEN En-fu, deputy director reminded the public to the farmers market at present, the key still avoid direct contact with live poultry slaughter.Selection of live poultry, should be looked at with the eyes as much as possible, observing, do not touch with bare hands, even usually have to pay attention to these aspects. "The public to buy live birds live poultry stalls, pay attention to avoid contact with poultry feathers, secretions." CHEN En-fu said that, in general, when people buy live birds, though not sure to wear masks, gloves, but still observe carefully, carefully principle.
    Patients are in stable condition
    16:00 yesterday, the reporter again contacted Mr. Liu's brother.
    Liu said that at present his brother's situation is quite stable. "The doctor said that my brother temperature maintained at 37.7 degrees to 38.4 degrees, temporarily not life-threatening, but still unconscious, viruses and inflammatory content remains high concentrations, oxygen saturation is relatively low." Reporters from the hospital we learn that, in addition to using artificial liver, yesterday doctors also used the word "four anti-two balanced" treatment strategy.
    "Four anti-two balance" is Academician Li Lanjuan specifically for H7N9 avian influenza, to establish a set of innovative treatment strategies against H7N9 avian influenza in the spring to play a key role. It sounds more professional, summed up: anti-viral therapy, anti hypoxemia and multiple organ failure (MODS), anti-shock therapy, anti-infective therapy; maintain water and electrolyte acid-base balance, regulate body micro-ecological balance.
    Liu said he also online searching this strategy specific information, understanding and found it very effective in treating H7N9. He hoped to spend this strategy, the brother be better soon. Has three days did not see his brother Liu, hoping to see him today.

    Author: Editor: Zhang Wei

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  • Laidback Al
    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    see post #9 above --

    This confirmed H7N9 case from Zheijiang informed his brother that he was traveling during the ?Golden Week? beginning on the National Day Holiday, October 1. It seems his trip included a visit to Ningbo City, Zheijiang. The victim apparently experience onset on October 7 following his return to Shaoxing and was probably infected during his travels.

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    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    Translation Google

    Zhejiang new H7N9 bird flu patients still unconscious from the effects of artificial liver

    2013-10-17 09:17 Source: China Radio Network
    CNR network Shaoxing October 17 news (Zhejiang Taiwan reporters should Wei Ting) The Voice of China "CNR News" reported that the day before yesterday 23:00, Shaoxing confirmed H7N9 avian influenza virus infection Liu, have used artificial liver , the current relatively stable condition.
    The day before yesterday 23:00 in patients infected with H7N9 avian influenza virus Liu is very dangerous circumstances, the current through the two days of treatment in addition to continuing intubation treatment, doctors also used against artificial liver treatment, under the maintenance of the ventilator Currently oxygen saturation remained at normal levels. Yesterday, reporter also saw the patient again, the younger brother, he is still the other in Shaoxing City People's Hospital intensive care outside the family lounge, his face haggard, a night without rest. Patients with relatives and friends at home are also very concerned about the situation of Mr. Liu, Shaoxing initiative rushed to help.

    Although the patient was still unconscious, but the doctor said we will not be life-threatening. Yesterday morning, the doctor on duty is to tell you, since the effect of artificial liver has been and is still closely observe the patient Liu's condition.

    Zhejiang Shaoxing City People's Court in the Infectious Diseases Hospital, chief physician Joseph Leung also been involved in the rescue of these days, this H7N9 bird flu until 6:00 yesterday morning before leaving back to Hangzhou, Shaoxing. Director said Joseph Leung arrived in Hangzhou yesterday morning after he was called back to ask the patient's condition, present fairly impressive, considering the present situation the patient would have been in Shaoxing Liu People's Hospital for treatment, without considering referral to other hospitals.
    At present, Zhejiang merely cases of avian influenza H7N9 is only one case, no new cases. This time H7N9 avian flu news one on our live poultry trade Hangzhou caused a very big impact, reporter also saw in several live poultry trade center, market scene is very deserted, live birds from Shaoxing has been suspended from trading. The main city of Hangzhou has been closed trading of live poultry farmers market has also accelerated the process of transformation of the market, is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

    Zhejiang CDC disease control and prevention CHEN En-fu, deputy director, said the temporary closure of Hangzhou, although we will not live poultry market, but is planning to carry out the various live poultry stalls H7N9 avian influenza virus surveillance, including the sale of live poultry stalls in Shaoxing sources , once found some stalls monitoring results show a positive, it will temporarily shut down the live poultry market transactions carried out stalls sanitation and disinfection and safe disposal. At the same time strengthen the monitoring of risk assessment will be combined with the results of monitoring of government departments to make some suggestions.

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  • tetano
    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    Zhejiang New 1 case where people are infected with H N 7 9 avian flu cases patient serious

    October 15, 2013, Zhejiang Provincial Health Office, Zhejiang New 1 human infection with H N 7 9 avian flu cases. (picture SOURCE: CFP)

    Zhejiang Province in line 10, 16 Zhejiang Health Office informed yesterday, the new 1 human infection with H N 7 9 avian flu cases. This is my province this year in the first half the first case of infection, since the first 47 people were infected H N 7 9 avian flu cases. Patient Liu X, male, 35 years old, and some workers of the company, he is now in Shaoxing County. On 8 October in Shaoxing County a township hospitals primary care, now Shaoxing a hospital for medical treatment. virus is a mutant experts were studying

    10 in the evening of 14 April, the Provincial Disease Control Center, the patient specimen Known Infection H N 7 9 avian influenza virus nucleic acid positive. Zhejiang Provincial Department of Health experts on a patient's clinical manifestations, epidemiology and laboratory test results, diagnostic Known Infection H N 7 9 bird flu case. At present, the patient's illness, the hospital is actively engaged in treatment.

    Upon investigation, the cases of people who have close contacts with a total of 25 people. At present, the case of all close contacts are not found to have fever or respiratory symptoms. Provincial Center for Disease Control in the Patient virus samples for genome sequencing. Sequencing results will be with this year's Spring H N 7 9 outbreak of avian flu outbreak period of virus sequence to more clear and specific to virus is variability. This is my province since 4 since the end of the found another case where people are infected with H N 7 9 bird flu case, the Office will make every effort to organize the work of rescue. Do not exclude the new cases may

    , Center for Disease Control Experts have warned that the winter is in itself of influenza virus active season. It is expected that in the next period of time, do not exclude H N 7 9 avian flu cases will be to disseminate status will be presented, whereas the flu incidence levels will be on the increase. (Text SOURCE: Zhejiang online)

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    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    Translation Google

    October 16, 2013 week three

    Shaoxing 35-year-old man was diagnosed with H7N9 infection

    During the National Day before the onset of poor travel two days alone in Ningbo

    Times News Xiaowu can not imagine how his brother Liu's this cold, turned into H7N9 avian influenza. From October 11 to send his brother into the intensive care unit, he has been in the family lounge waiting, waiting for the doctor to bring my brother got better news, but the H7N9 virus seems to come particularly ferocious.

    35-year-old brother Liu young, healthy, why would infect H7N9 avian flu virus, Xiaowu very confused. Brother asked a lot these days workers and friends, some time ago and no contact with poultry, Xiaowu think the most likely is, my brother's National Day "poverty tour" been there once Ningbo, perhaps the virus is in this trip journey infection The.

    Poor swim back four days sudden onset

    Liu is from Henan Province, Shaoxing before 1989 to work, now at a local textile company doing graphic design, full room and board in the company.

    The first day of National Day holiday, working in Shanghai Xiao Wu brother Liu received the letter sent to the micro: October 2nd and the 3rd holiday, colleagues had gone home. I intend to depart from Shaoxing, Ningbo, poor tour to go.

    Specifically where to go, Xiao Wu did not ask, they told him to be careful on the road.

    October 3, after traveling back to Shaoxing Liu, the first time to call his brother reported safe.

    "Over the phone, my brother's voice was tired, but could hear a lot of fun, full walk plus car, take a lot of road." Xiao Wu said his brother also mentioned that on the way careless ankle foot, swollen up and back the same day to a nearby store to do foot massage, the situation is a little better.

    After the phone, nor how contact. Liu was sent to the hospital until after Xiao Wu was from my brother officer that her friends get sick after.

    According to Liu's friends recalled, October 6, they also eat lunch together. That Liu's good appetite, eating with a lot, drank two bottles of beer.

    But I did not expect, on the 7th, the rest in the dormitory Liu suddenly sick. Morning, Liu got up behind a little dizzy, high body temperature, that may be just a cold, lying down to rest, he wanted something to eat, you can not eat two began vomiting, sweating, fever, and more serious symptoms.

    In the evening, holiday, another worker came back to see Liu very ill, immediately go to a nearby pharmacy to buy anti-inflammatory drugs back.

    The next day, Liu went to the town of a clinic, the doctor felt it should be common bacterial cold, give him to open up some cold medicine. 9, 10, two days, Liu are hanging in the clinic brine, but the situation did not improve.

    Hospitalized in critical condition after receiving notice

    11 afternoon, Liu after hanging saline, shortness of breath occurs, the doctor immediately dialed 120. Evening 5:00 or so, he was admitted in Shaoxing City People's Hospital emergency room, when the body temperature 40.2 degrees.

    "6:00, when my brother called me personally and asked me the next day there is no space to Shaoxing." Xiao Wu recalled that when his brother Liu consciousness fairly clear, but speak very laborious, panting . He put down the phone immediately arrived by car Shaoxing. On the road, the doctor gave him the phone call. Originally, Liu refused to enter ICU, doctors and nurses how to persuade his reluctant to plug the ventilator.

    "I am very much aware of my brother, and he had no money, into the intensive care unit was big money, could not bear." Xiao Wu Xiao allow doctors to hasten the first push into the intensive care unit, the signature, payment of anything until it supplemented on.

    Until 9:40, Xiao Wu rushed to the hospital emergency ward, Liu still struggling into the intensive care unit does not agree, "the doctor can only spend tranquilizers before my brother will stabilize." Kick tranquilizers, a small Liu began coma, was taken to the intensive care unit.

    12 am, emergency department found Zhou Xiaowu, issued a critical condition notice.

    Infected with H7N9 virus confirmed

    Severe cold? Unknown pneumonia? Or the H7N9 avian flu? To October 13 evening, Liu's condition has not improved, the provincial CDC staff were sampled for him, the hospital's doctors have been afraid expert conclusion, they want a long time, or to the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center deputy director Lu Hongzhou, director of infection make a telephone call to invite him to the consultation, because he discovered the world's first case of human infection with the H7N9 avian influenza virus.

    "I heard Zhou said Lu Zhuren condition before departure I received the report, he suspected that my brother may be infected with H7N9 bird flu, on the way to let them give my brother were treated with Tamiflu twice." Xiao Wu said , director Lu Hongzhou to the hospital, it was already 23:20.
    In the end is not infected with the H7N9 bird flu, said Lu Hongzhou to wait until the CDC confirmed the test results to come out, but after reading the detailed condition report, he felt the possibility of very large.

    At 15:00 on October 14 and more, because Xiaowu and hospital care are in close contact, the provincial CDC staff also were sampled on them, but this time, the provincial CDC, testing staff are on Liu sampling for analysis.

    To 23:00, Liu was diagnosed with the infection of H7N9 avian influenza virus.

    ● latest developments

    Forthcoming in ALSS

    At 1:00 on the 15th, Xiao Wu did not just leaning on bed rest for a while, the phone rang, Zhou phoned to say, to be treated in isolation wards Liu go negative.

    "A few days ago, at least in the visiting hours also renowned for my brother to see him lying on the bed 'asleep', at least my heart can accept, but now can not see him, my heart suddenly empty." Xiao Wu said, negative pressure isolation ward prescribe the door, now only to tell him to listen to Zhou Xiao situation.

    These two days, provincial medical experts to several groups, Li Lanjuan academician Liu also came twice to the consultation. "I know Liyuan Shi, Zhejiang Province this spring outbreak of H7N9 bird flu, she is the first number of experts, patients after she led the team of doctors after treatment, and all of a recovered, she specifically to give my brother twice consultation , so I felt very at ease, I think my brother will get better. "Xiao Wu said.

    Yesterday, 14:25, Zhou Xiaowu called to the phone. "Zhou said, my brother's condition is very serious now, the virus will become up to two days, two days of treatment particularly critical." Xiao Wu said, "the doctor said, my brother is about to consider artificial liver treatment , to this time, as long as the doctor's treatment plan, I have to sign an agreement, in any case I have to save my brother's life. "Xiao Wu talking, his hands tightly in together, for the life of the negative pressure wards dying brother began to pray.

    ● Concern

    Li Lanjuan yesterday rushed to Shaoxing

    Zhejiang CDC said the staff, the evening of October 14, CDC laboratory for review by Zhejiang Shaoxing a patient specimens for the H7N9 avian influenza virus nucleic acid positive. Provincial Health Department, according to the clinical manifestations expert, laboratory and epidemiological findings, the diagnosis of human infection of H7N9 avian influenza cases confirmed cases. This is also the province's first case of human infection with the second half of H7N9 avian influenza.

    Yesterday morning, Li Lanjuan team of academicians and experts rushed Shaoxing, as new infections for expert consultation. Li Lanjuan academician said that this patient lungs appeared white lung, respiratory failure, and is currently a very dangerous life, is the use of "four anti-two balanced" treatment regimen. From the patient's point of view characteristic progression, with the first half of treated patients with severe H7N9 bird flu are very similar.

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    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    Translation Google

    Zhejiang infected with H7N9 vaccine strains have been critically ill patients completed study

    Shaosi Yi Jun Zhang 2013-10-15 19:43

    October 15, Health Department of Zhejiang province, adding one case of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza. Same day, Chinese Academy of Engineering, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine State Key Laboratory of Infectious Diseases Director Li Lanjuan treatment in this patient after consultation, said the patient in critical condition, but has not yet found any other infection. In addition, Li Lanjuan expressed, H7N9 avian influenza vaccine strains has been studied completed.

    According to the Zhejiang Provincial Health Department news, the 8th Ryu patients first diagnosed in hospitals in Shaoxing County, Shaoxing, now a hospital for treatment. By the Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control retest the patient specimens infected with H7N9 avian influenza virus human nucleic acid positive. Zhejiang Provincial Health Department experts on the patient's clinical manifestations, epidemiological and laboratory test results are discussed, the diagnosis confirmed human cases of avian influenza H7N9 infection.

    In the morning, Li Lanjuan the patient consultation to Shaoxing. 17:00, the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine at the media briefing, Li Lanjuan said the patient been sick seven days, and is currently in critical condition, still in the rescue, the law of development of their disease onset with the first half H7N9 consistent with the law.

    Treatment methods still refer to the first half of the "four anti-two balance", which is founded by Li Lanjuan a treatment strategy, it sounds more professional, summed up: anti-viral therapy, anti hypoxemia and multiple organ failure (MODS), anti-shock therapy, anti-infective therapy; maintain water and electrolyte acid-base balance, regulate body micro-ecological balance.

    For public concern will not produce massive infection, Li Lanjuan said there was no co-incidence found in patients with the case, no need to panic. "Disease continues to evolve, we are constantly accumulating experience."

    Meanwhile, Li Lanjuan expressed, H7N9 avian flu vaccine strains have been studied completed, and passed the animal security review, if necessary, large-scale vaccination, after the decision by the authorities will be able to put into clinical use. "If necessary (making the vaccine) is relatively fast."

    In addition, she reminded that the current sudden cold weather, people should keep warm, enhance immune function and resistance. In the event of symptoms of fever, a fever is coming due outpatient treatment. "Early detection, early treatment, early treatment can reduce the 10% one day with severe occurrence, 13% lower mortality." (END)

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  • sharon sanders
    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    This link from a google search produces a bizarre format in the article. Can anyone else get a better copy?

    High incidence of influenza H7N9 alert swept again
    Zhejiang Quzhou online channels - 4 hours ago
    Quzhou, Zhejiang Online News Channel October 15 (Wu Jing) October 15, Zhejiang Shaoxing new case of human infection of H7N9 ... kids have a cold, may not be the first time the hospital , the young people goes without saying the.

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  • sharon sanders
    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    First hospitalized in a local hospital then transferred.

    machine translation

    Sick man surnamed Liu, 35 years old, living in Shaoxing County, last Tuesday discomfort to a township hospitals for treatment, was later transferred to a hospital for treatment of Shaoxing, the provincial CDC after repeated testing, confirmed that the man infected with H7N9 avian influenza.

    According to the National Health and Family Planning Commission website, as of this year, there were 134 people infected with the mainland H7N9, distributed in 12 provinces and cities, including 45 deaths.


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  • sharon sanders
    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)

    He is not identified as a market or agricultural worker.

    machine translation

    Zhejiang new case of human infection of H7N9 avian influenza
    At 12:34 on October 15, 2013 Zhejiang Provincial Health Department I have something to say ( 1,657 participants)
      Zhejiang Provincial Health Department on October 15 briefing, Zhejiang new case of human infection of H7N9 avian influenza.

      Patients Liu XX, male, aged 35, a company employee, now living in Shaoxing County. October 8 in Shaoxing County township first diagnosed, Shaoxing, now a hospital for treatment.

      The provincial CDC retest the patient specimens infected with H7N9 avian influenza virus human nucleic acid positive. I Office of experts on clinical manifestations, epidemiological data and laboratory test results to discuss the diagnosis of avian influenza human infection of H7N9 confirmed cases. Currently, the patient was seriously ill, hospitals are in active treatment.

      This is the province since the end of April has been found in the case of human infection of H7N9 avian influenza confirmed cases, my Office will fully organize the rescue work.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Zhejiang add a confirmed human H7N9 avian influenza infection (RTHK, October 15 2013, edited)


    Another H7N9 Case Confirmed In China
    By Niam Seet Wei

    BEIJING, Oct 15 (Bernama) -- Another new H7N9 bird flu case has been confirmed in eastern China's Zhejiang province when a man tested positive for the virus, local authorities said today.

    The 35-year-old patient, surnamed Liu, was warded at a township hospital on Oct 8 and hospitalised at the Shaoxing county hospital where he is reportedly in critical condition, Xinhua news agency reported...

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