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China - Media report: Hospital reports suspected H7N9 avian flu patient to Tengzhou CDC - Shandong province - February 23, 2017 - confirmed

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  • China - Media report: Hospital reports suspected H7N9 avian flu patient to Tengzhou CDC - Shandong province - February 23, 2017 - confirmed

     February 23, 23, the reporter learned from the Tengzhou City Center for Disease Control and Prevention was informed that the afternoon of February 19, Tengzhou City workers hospital treatment of a male fever patients Zhao Moumou. February 20, by expert consultation, diagnosed as suspected H7N9 flu. February 21 to Tengzhou City People's Hospital of isolation treatment, the current patient in stable condition. The close contact (wife and son, daughter) in the city of Tengzhou City People's Hospital Department of infectious diseases were isolated observation, no flu-like symptoms, good physical condition.

      Experts suggest that H7N9 flu can be controlled, at 100 ℃ high temperature, the virus can be killed within 1 minute, 70 ℃ in 3 minutes can be killed. The public in their daily lives, should pay attention to diet and personal hygiene, develop a healthy lifestyle, if fever and respiratory symptoms, should bring a mask, as soon as possible to the hospital fever clinic.


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    Sharon-san, Good evening!

    As for the New Shandong (Tengzhou) case which you have already posted, I found an article in Xinlang (

    Paragraph 2 of this article, the reporter is describing a little bit more in detail than the Dongyingwang.
    "记者了解到,这名患者姓赵,今年44岁,家住滕州市荆河街道,在当地开了一家小饭店,已经经营了几个年头 。"
    and in Paragraph 3,
    The reporter says that the patient had a daily contact to chickens in his restaurant which is already closed at present.

    From these lines, we can say the patient is:

    Age: 44 years old
    Sex: Male
    Living in: Xinghe town, Tangzhou city, Shandong province
    Occupation: Owner of a small restaurant (or hotel?) in the city for some years
    Contact to Birds: yes, daily contact

    Other paragraphs are same as Sharon-san reported.

    Mickey MIYAMOTO


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      Government confirmed:
      H7N9 influenza prevention and control information tips
      Posted: 2017-02-24

        Recently, the state held a national response to the H7N9 epidemic defense joint control mechanism for video conferencing. The Ministry of Agriculture, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the General Administration of Food and Drug Administration related to the prevention and control of H7N9 epidemic prevention and control work was deployed, the State Health Planning Commission Director Li Bin conveyed the CPC Central Committee and State Council leading comrades important instructions instructions, informed the national epidemic situation, and The next phase of the epidemic prevention and control work was re-deployed. Our province, the city joint defense joint control leading group organization member units and related units were watched.
        Our province has been in accordance with the requirements of the meeting, the next step in the prevention and control work carried out re-deployment and then arranged in a solid and orderly manner. 22, Zaozhuang Tengzhou City, a new case found H7N9, is actively in the treatment, the prevention and control work has been carried out.
        Experts believe that the current H7N9 virus transmission is still from the birds to the people, exposure to infected birds or exposed to live poultry market is an important risk factor for human infection. Experts recommend that the public should avoid contact with dead birds in daily life, try to avoid direct contact with live birds; should be purchased with quarantine certificate of fresh, live, frozen poultry and related poultry products; pay attention to food hygiene, food processing to be done Cooked to improve; self-protection awareness, found that there are fever and respiratory symptoms, should wear a mask, as soon as possible treatment.