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China - Human H7N9 avian influenza drill held in Xiangdong District , Jiangxi province bordering Hunan province - March 20, 2019

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  • China - Human H7N9 avian influenza drill held in Xiangdong District , Jiangxi province bordering Hunan province - March 20, 2019

    Be prepared! Such an emergency drill is necessary!

    2019-03-20 17:43public health/cough/flu

    Uniform dressing, brushing pack
    Wrapped so tightly
    What are these little brothers going to do?

    In fact, this is the “Healthy Rehabilitation Exercise for Human Infection H7N9 Avian Influenza” organized by the Municipal Health Planning Bureau and organized by Xiangdong Hospital, Municipal Hospital of Hunan Normal University and Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
    Walkthrough simulation scenario
    City Center for Disease Control and Prevention received
    "Report of suspected cases of bird flu" report
    Immediately report the situation to the Municipal Health Authority
    At the same time, start
    "Human infection with H7N9 avian influenza emergency response plan"
    Emergency personnel rushed to the "place of the incident"
    Disinfect the field channel
    According to the requirements of human emergency infection plan for highly pathogenic avian influenza
    Conduct "on-site epidemiological investigation and epidemic situation disposal" work
    Used to analyze and judge the development trend of the epidemic
    Provide the basis for the next step of the epidemic disposal work
    After preliminary investigation
    The first time to report the investigation to the relevant departments of the higher authorities
    And conduct initial reports as required
    In addition, it has also been carried out
    Personal wear protective clothing and on-site terminal disinfection skills
    The normative operation drill.
    Professional interpretation:
    Through standard practice drills, medical staff can improve their self-protection awareness of infectious diseases, protect the life safety of medical staff, prevent accidental infections, and achieve the complete elimination of surviving pathogens scattered by patients and left in the living room and various objects. To make the epidemic harmless.
    Chen Jianyong, Chief of the Medical and Health Affairs Bureau of the Municipal Health and Planning Bureau
    The drill is mainly to test the feasibility of our emergency plan, the sensitive response of the emergency team and the response speed of the network emergency. It can effectively improve the handling capacity of public health emergency incidents in the city and maximize the safety of people's lives and property. .
    After the drill,
    Commander, assessment team member, and driller
    The drill was summarized.
    And problems in the drill process
    Into line analysis and discussion,
    Clearly require timely rectification.
    Luo Yingfeng, Chief of the Public Health Department of the Municipal Health Administration Bureau
    In response to different seasons and different types of infectious diseases, the city will regularly organize practical drills for public health emergencies to improve the ability to deal with various public health emergencies, improve the level of treatment, and control the spread and spread of infectious diseases. .
    Human infection with H7N9 Avian Influenza is caused by H7N9 virus, and it is the most important risk factor for H7N9 infection if it is directly or indirectly exposed to infected or infected poultry. Patients with H7N9 infection often have fever, cough, and cough, and may be accompanied by headache, muscle aches, diarrhea, or vomiting. Severe patients develop rapidly, more severe pneumonia in the 3-7 days of onset, most of the body temperature continues to be above 39 ?C, breathing difficulties, may be accompanied by hemoptysis.

    Suspected to be infected with avian flu, call the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention as soon as possible. Tel: 23282860