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Jiangxi this year has reported 37 cases of H7N9 human bird flu

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  • Jiangxi this year has reported 37 cases of H7N9 human bird flu

    Jiangxi Province Health Committee reported on the 17th, January 1, 2017 to March 17, the province reported a total of 37 cases of H7N9 cases, of which 13 were killed. Since last winter, due to climate anomalies and other factors, Jiangxi Province H7N9 epidemic was high hair distribution trend. At present, Jiangxi Province, strict control of H7N9 influenza epidemic, the province's full implementation of the live poultry market closed, disinfection and other sources of control measures to continue to strengthen the epidemic monitoring, medical treatment, health education, epidemic treatment and other prevention and control work.
      Prior to this, the province of Pingxiang City decided from March 13 to March 31, Pingxiang the city's live poultry market to implement preventive rest, closed for 18 days; to continue to strengthen the H7N9 avian flu prevention and control work, Jiangxi Province, Nanchang also From the morning of February 22 to March 7 for 14 days of live poultry market closed for at least three weeks, from March 8 to March 31, a total of 23 days.