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China - Emergency H7N9 poultry drill in Nanjing, Jiangsu province - September 1, 2017

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  • China - Emergency H7N9 poultry drill in Nanjing, Jiangsu province - September 1, 2017

    An emergency drills for poultry flu in Nanjing

    Source: Nanjing Daily 2017-09-01 09:03:00

      The day before yesterday morning, in Pukou District Xingdian streets Xing animal husbandry poultry farms, five groups wearing a white protective clothing, hand latex gloves staff into the poultry house, hands and feet on the 30 Chicken for sampling, disinfection, "culling", bagging ... ... This is my city poultry H7N9 influenza epidemic exercise scene scene.
      The day of the scene to simulate a poultry farm epidemic, the prevention and control personnel to emergency disposal. 9:30 am, the warning group in the poultry farm door pulled up the cordon, sampling, testing report group in the disinfection channel door wearing protective clothing, masks and other clothing, into the chicken farm sampling. Staff also use cotton swabs in the live chicken around the cage, drinking water, excrement and other places to collect the corresponding secretions.
      Soon, the standard collection of 20 blood samples and other samples, the freezer transported to the Pukou District Animal and Veterinary Station Laboratory for testing, and sent to the city of animal disease prevention and control center for review.
      After prescribing the H7N9 flu epidemic, the Pukou District Veterinary Station immediately dispatched technical staff to the farm to conduct an epidemiological survey, inquiring about the health status of the flock and the movement of the staff, etc., by the disinfection group on the chicken coop, Carry out thorough cleaning and cleaning. Since the incubation period of the H7N9 flu epidemic is as long as 21 days, the farm will need to be disinfected once a day for the first week of the confirmation of the outbreak and 1 disinfection for 2 weeks.
      The final step of the exercise was carried out by the harmless treatment group using the twist neck method to cull the chickens, and the dead chicks were put into pre-prepared empty bags and delivered to the harmless treatment vehicles.