The Shenze County Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducts human infection prevention and control of H7N9 bird flu and exercises

Source: Long City Network   Author: Cuimeng Lin Di Haijing Hu Tieqiang 
2018-03-21 20:13:31

Great Wall Network March 21 (Reporter Cui Menglin correspondent Yan Haijing Hu Tieqiang) to effectively respond to human infection with H7N9 bird flu, further standardize the prevention and control of H7N9 bird flu, strengthen the self-correct protection of the CDC personnel, on the afternoon of March 21, Shen Ze The county CDC organized and organized the "Human Infection Prevention and Control Technology Training and Exercise for H7N9 Avian Flu" campaign. The purpose of this event is to train the team, improve the process, and proceed from the actual point of view to do emergency treatment.   At the event, the director of the County Epidemic Prevention and Control Section of the County Center for Disease Control and Prevention Xi Rong explained in detail the theoretical knowledge of the H7N9 bird flu epidemic. A total of 24 staff members of the entire cadre and disease control participated in this training and protective drill. The drill began with the epidemic situation report, followed by demonstrations of individual protection, on-site investigations, and disposal measures. Each emergency team member carried out practical operations and assessments one by one to ensure that if an epidemic occurred, it could be standardized.

Emergency team members perform actual operations.

Through drills, the emergency personnel can better grasp the various treatment processes and requirements, further enhance the emergency team's ability to prevent and control the epidemic, achieve the purpose of testing the premise, training the team, and strengthening the capabilities, and at the same time, improve the actual combat capability and ensure science. Effectively prevent and control the epidemic.