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China - False rumor of H7N9 death in Minhou County, Fujian province

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  • China - False rumor of H7N9 death in Minhou County, Fujian province

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    The WeChat group spread H7N9 to death rumors, Hou Hou, a man detained for 10 days

    2018-11-26 07:50:05 Source: Fuzhou News Network Author: Benny Chan Yishare to:

    Fuzhou News Network November 26 (Fuzhou Evening News reporter Chen Muyi) Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Minhou Public Security Department that the Houtong Tingping man Yu Mou was disturbed by the public order and was detained by the police.

    Recently, some netizens posted information in the WeChat group, saying that ?a resident of Tingping Township, Minhou County was infected with H7N9 death... The doctor who participated in the rescue has been isolated?. The news was confirmed by the Department of Health and Welfare of Minhou County and the People's Government of Tingping Township and other departments. After the false information was released, it was forwarded in large numbers, causing concern from all walks of life and causing adverse social impacts.

    In this regard, the Tinping Police Station of the Minhou County Public Security Bureau carried out a thorough investigation and quickly identified the true identity of the netizen. On the 24th, the police summoned the suspect Yu Mou (male, 25 years old, from Tingping Township, Minhou County) to the case. In the face of police inquiries, Yu Mou truthfully confessed the illegal behavior of spreading rumors through the Internet.

    At present, Yu Mou was punished by administrative detention for 10 days for disturbing public order.

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    This is the 2nd H7N9 human case denial recently in Fujian province. Please see:

    China - H7N9 avian flu outbreak in poultry and one human case denied in Putian City, Fujian province - November 21, 2018