Simulated flu epidemic, Jiashi Inter-office emergency response

Reporter Guo Zhenglong / Chiayi Report

November 7, 2018, 3:43 am

In order to strengthen the ability of prevention and control of infectious diseases, the Chiayi Municipal Government handled the "suspected avian flu and new type A flu epidemic patients for medical treatment" at the Chiayi Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare on the 7th. The Chiayi City Health Bureau, Fire Bureau, and Ministry Jia Hospital has an emerging infectious disease strain across the bureau. The biggest purpose of the exercise is to prevent avian flu and human flu mixed, and to generate new human flu. It also hopes to reduce the spread of infectious diseases through drills and daily prevention and publicity.
The situation of the exercise was to simulate Taiwanese businessmen traveling to China. After returning to Taiwan, they suspected that they were suspected of a new type A influenza infection. They notified the Department of Fire Services and informed the Fire Services Department and the Chiayi Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare to initiate the case. The Fire Services Department assisted in carrying the cases. The hospital, through the sensory line to the negative pressure ward, to reduce contact, reduce the risk of community transmission, to avoid serious and cluster infection.
Director Li Cuifeng of the Southern District Control Center of the Disease Control Agency stressed that a major point of the exercise is that when the public health station is on the front line to conduct an abnormal investigation, it is very important to improve the alertness. It is alert to the fact that the symptoms of the case are not correct and are examined from the history of tourism. The contingency processing steps are initiated by vigilance. When the case occurs, the responsibility is not exclusively for the health unit. It includes the fire protection unit responsible for transporting the case. It is very important to complete the work. Li Cuifeng pointed out that the new type A with high risk impact on China is selected today. Influenza as a training theme, the contents include ambulance personnel PPE wear and tear, ambulance disinfection, hospital infection tube brake line elimination and suspected cases.