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China - The H7N9 outbreak is at its lowest level over the same period of previous years

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  • China - The H7N9 outbreak is at its lowest level over the same period of previous years

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    The H7N9 outbreak was at its lowest level over the same period of previous years

    2018-02-07 01:52:12 | Source: Health News | share

    Reporter Zhang Lei learned from the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention on February 6 that only 3 cases of H7N9 infection have been reported nationwide since September 2017. The epidemic is at its lowest level over the same period of last year since the disease was discovered in 2013. It is understood that the relevant departments of the State Health and Family Planning Commission is organizing the prevention and control of key provinces H7N9 supervision and promote the implementation of various prevention and control measures.

    Ni Daxin, deputy director of China Center for Disease Control and Prevention Emergency Response Center, said that since the poultry farming, circulation and consumption patterns in our country have not fundamentally changed yet, as the Spring Festival holiday approaches, the trading of live poultry around the country may become more active. The environmental sample monitoring results also have certain Positive rate, so do not rule out the possibility of sporadic cases and even a slight increase in the number of cases. On the other hand, the report showed no significant changes in the characteristics of H7N9 cases, no significant changes in the ability of H7N9 virus to spread, and no continuous interpersonal communication ability. With the full implementation of compulsory immunization of poultry, the live poultry transport regulatory system and market regulatory measures are more stringent, human infection with H7N9 epidemic is expected to continue to be controlled at a low level. It is understood that all localities are now earnestly implementing the monitoring and early warning, early diagnosis and early treatment, investigation and disposal, and source control measures in accordance with the requirements of the state in coping with the joint prevention and control work mechanism of H7N9 and the plan for related prevention and control and promoting the industrial restructuring and upgrading.

    Ni Daxin said H7N9 prevention and control work achieved remarkable results, first of all due to the relevant departments attach great importance. "In addition, it is also linked to the full implementation of vaccination against poultry, effectively blocking the spread of the virus among poultry, continuously strengthening the management of the live poultry market, managing the trans-regional distribution of live poultry and effectively reducing the opportunities for public exposure." At the same time, Ni Daxin emphasized that " Only a preliminary analysis, there are many factors that affect the rise and fall of the epidemic, the epidemic season H7N9 specific reasons for the need to further proof.
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