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China - 835 chickens dumped in Jing River - officials deny H7N9 avian flu - do not panic - Pingliang, Gansu province - February 22, 2017

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  • China - 835 chickens dumped in Jing River - officials deny H7N9 avian flu - do not panic - Pingliang, Gansu province - February 22, 2017

    Apparently the local officials did not get the memo about the genetic change in H7N9 that may cause increased virulence in chickens.

    835 dead chickens were abandoned Jing River Beach Pingliang emergency harmless treatment 2017-02-22 00:00:00 Author: Source: Lanzhou Lanzhou Evening News
    The staff were harmless to the dead chickens
    Recently, Pingliang City WeChat friends circle and the spread of a message on the city of Pingliang City, urban and rural residents caused by the concern and anxiety, the news that the Pingjiang City Jing River Central City section of a large number of deaths Pingl(Figure), the city of Pingliang City, Chicken, the reporter specifically on the matter were interviewed. Jing River Beach unidentified dead chicken
    February 15 morning, the reporter received the information reflected: "Central City Guangcheng Bridge West 400 meters on the beach there are a lot of dead chickens, I do not know why, some people suspected of death due to infection, was thrown here, to remind everyone to pay attention Away from, in order to avoid infection, and recommended health and epidemic prevention and environmental protection departments to investigate and deal with. "At the same time information is also accompanied by live photos.
    Reporters in some QQ friends space, WeChat friends circle and a few media reporters group also saw such information and dead chicken scene pictures.
    It is understood that the dead chicken where the river, in Pingliang City Jing River Water Park Management Office near the staff of the staff, the staff on duty in the river routine inspection found a large number of dead chickens, scattered area of ​​about two meters wide, More than ten meters long look, scattered concentrated in the central city of Guangcheng Bridge 400 meters west of the river on the north side of the river.
    Relevant departments buried treatment
    According to reports, these unexplained dead chick total of 835, the species is white feather broiler. Where the river line close to the national highway 312 line, the initial determination of poultry transport vehicles on the transport of dead chickens caused by arbitrary discarded due to dumping the number of dead chickens in Hanoi, Jing River Water Park Management in a timely manner reported to the public security departments for investigation, Pingliang urban veterinary department Cooperative Jing River Water Park Management staff, the dead chickens to regulate the treatment, deep to reach 4 meters, pit, buried layer of the harmless treatment, transport vehicles, tools and staff to take effective disinfection measures The
    Pingliang urban veterinary departments responsible person also introduced, white feather broiler is a larger type of broiler, intensive transport prone to death, transit transport vehicles abandoned chicks are more likely. In addition, from the investigation of the situation, Pingliang City Center and the surrounding towns did not find such a large-scale broiler farming.
    Due to the recent emergence of H7N9 influenza epidemic in some areas, there are many Internet users on the emergence of chickens are very worried about the continuous forwarding on the network, causing many people worry.
    According to Pingliang City Veterinary Bureau official introduction, Pingliang City in early January issued a "strengthening H7N9 influenza prevention and control work of the emergency notice" to urge the county to carry out the H7N9 influenza investigation work, to 17 February 17, "animal Epidemic information network forecasting system "shows Pingliang City, no major animal epidemic.
    "As for the online speculation 'the dead chickens are caused by the H7N9 flu' rumors, purely nonsense." Pingliang City Veterinary Bureau official introduction. The agency specifically for the online questioning the formation of a reply document, the file shows: H7N9 flu on poultry infection is mild, will not cause chicken death, and veterinary bureau technical staff on the scene of dead chickens to check, no high pathogenicity Clinical Features of Avian Influenza. At the same time, nearly two days, the river beach migratory activity is frequent, no abnormal phenomenon, which can be ruled out due to the death of the chicken due to influenza, do not panic.