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H7N9 Cases April 22, 2014 (confirmed cases: 1, confirmed deaths: 0) (suspected cases: 0, suspected deaths:0)

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  • H7N9 Cases April 22, 2014 (confirmed cases: 1, confirmed deaths: 0) (suspected cases: 0, suspected deaths:0)

    [Source: Taipei Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, full page in Chinese: (LINK). Automatic translation. h/t @Makoto_au_japon]

    Taipei CDC reported a new imported human case of avian influenza H7N9 from China mainland


    Disease Control Department today (April 22) evening confirmed an imported H7N9 influenza cases.

    The Case is a resident in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in mainland China, 44 years old, woman:

    • on April 17 Taiwanese immigrants that have a dry cough, fever and muscle aches and other symptoms when traveling, not fever upon arrival, the day because of physical discomfort first went to a clinic, New Taipei City see the doctor,
    • on 18 April nausea, vomiting and fever,
    • on April 19 and then to a hospital for medical treatment, the left side of the chest X-ray showed pneumonia with pleural effusion,
    • on April 20, accompanied by the leader of the ambulance go to a medical center aboard continue to receive treatment, the day began to cast Tamiflu, and to notify the Department of Disease Control, suspected H7N9 influenza,
    • on April 22, the test results to determine today at 7:30 pm; currently ongoing in negative pressure isolation ICU treatment, the condition worse.

    After the outbreak investigation, the case came to Taiwan ago to traditional markets in Liuhe District of Nanjing to buy chicken carcasses, not living with his family five people developing symptoms, other patients with a history of diabetes.

    The patients with the group members (including Taiwan tour guide and driver) of 34 people, members of Taiwan is still continuing the established itinerary, expected April 24 exit; press release as of the time so far, those who have no symptoms.

    Illness Department said cases in Taiwan during the tour, visited Taipei, New Taipei and Nantou County and other counties of the attractions, the Agency has acquired the disease in detail the history of travel and hotel accommodation information once, and actively grasp the travel period contacts, access to patients being carved another flight to Taiwan's manifest information.

    The department has started through the control center and the local health district officers who travel for a period of time to investigate, and strive to really grasp all possible close contacts and inventoried tube, other health care hospital for the treatment of patients and other related contacts, has been investigated and inventoried; would provide influenza antiviral agents to close contacts.

    Public health workers for all close contacts caught giving full health education and H7N9 influenza independent health management notice and actively track to lift the tube, if contact occurs with fever, cough, influenza-like symptoms, please wear a mask for medical treatment, and initiative to inform the physician contact history. The department carved being informed WHO and inform the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong and Macao contact window through IHR contact window.