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Taiwan: 2019 Chikungunya

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  • Taiwan: 2019 Chikungunya


    Taiwan records first-ever indigenous case of chikungunya fever
    2019/07/26 18:52:24

    Taipei, July 26 (CNA) A woman living in New Taipei has been diagnosed with chikungunya fever, the first indigenous case in Taiwan's history, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said Friday.

    The patient, who is in her 20s, had not traveled abroad before the onset of symptoms that included fever, joint pains, a headache and a rash on July 21, CDC Deputy Director-General Chuang Jen-hsiang (莊人祥) said...

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    19 imported Chikungunya fever cases reported across Taiwan
    2019/07/30 19:53:55
    Chuang Jen-hsiang (莊人祥)

    Taipei, July 30 (CNA) A total of 19 cases of imported Chikungunya fever have been reported across Taiwan this year as of July 29 -- with a historical monthly high of 12 cases in July -- the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said Tuesday.

    The 12 cases in July were the highest number in a single month since the mosquito-borne disease has was first designated a notifiable communicable disease in 2007, the CDC said.

    Burma has been the leading source of imported Chikungunya fever in Taiwan this year, accounting for 8 cases, followed by the Maldives with four cases, Indonesia and Thailand with two each, as well as the Philippines, Malaysia and India with one each, according to the CDC.

    On Friday, a woman living in New Taipei was diagnosed with Chikungunya fever -- the first indigenous case in Taiwan's history, it said...


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      Travel alert issued for four Asian countries over chikungunya outbreak
      2019/08/04 16:44:17
      CNA file photo

      Taipei, Aug. 4 (CNA) Taiwan has issued its highest-level travel advisory in its three-tier system for four Southeast and South Asian countries after a record high number of imported chikungunya fever cases from those countries were reported in Taiwan.

      The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said Sunday it has issued the Level 1 travel advisory for chikungunya infection for the first time, warning against all non-essential travel to Myanmar, Maldives, Thailand and India -- countries where the virus was imported into Taiwan since July.

      A Level 1 travel warning advises that precautions should be taken when visiting the countries listed, including obtaining the relevant vaccines and ensuring protection against mosquito bites.

      Taiwan reported in July the first indigenous case of chikungunya fever in the country's history and samples of the chikungunya virus were found to contain sequences of the gene identical to those of the virus strain from Myanmar this year, according to the CDC.

      As of Sunday, Taiwan had confirmed 24 imported chikungunya cases so far this year, a record high over the same period since 2007, when the disease was listed as a notifiable infectious disease in the country, according to statistics compiled by the CDC.

      The 24 imported cases include 12 from Myanmar, four from the Maldives, three from Thailand, two from Indonesia, one from Malaysia, one from the Philippines and one from India, according to the CDC...


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        Taiwan records second-ever indigenous case of chikungunya fever
        2019/08/26 21:18:47

        Taipei, Aug. 26 (CNA) A New Taipei woman has been diagnosed with chikungunya fever, only the second indigenous case ever reported in Taiwan, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said Monday.

        The patient, in her 60s, sought medical attention after developing a high fever, muscle and joint pain on Aug. 22, according to the CDC...

        ...Also Monday, two imported chikungunya fever cases were confirmed in Yilan County. The patients are believed to have contracted the virus during recent visits to Myanmar, the CDC said.

        The two patients have both recovered and are currently confined to their homes, it added.

        There have been 47 confirmed chikungunya cases in Taiwan in 2019, 45 imported.

        Twenty-eight of the imported case came from Myanmar, seven from Thailand, five from the Maldives, two from Indonesia and one each from the Philippines, Malaysia and India, according to CDC statistics...


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          Taiwan reports year's first indigenous chikungunya cluster
          2019/09/04 18:36:39

          Taipei, Sept. 4 (CNA) Two women in New Taipei City's Zhonghe District, both in their 60s, have been confirmed as this year's first indigenous chikungunya fever cluster, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said Wednesday.

          The latest case involved a woman who has not traveled abroad recently and sought medical attention after experiencing a high fever, muscle and joint pain on Aug. 23, according to CDC Deputy Director-General Philip Lo (羅一鈞).

          The woman then developed a rash and sought medical attention for a second time on Aug. 29. Later that day, she was confirmed as having contracted Chikungunya fever after her sample tested positive for the virus, Lo said.

          The woman's symptoms have improved and no one she came into contact with has shown signs of symptoms, Lo added.

          This is the second indigenous chikungunya fever case reported in Zhonghe this year. The first case was diagnosed Aug. 26...


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            New indigenous case of chikungunya fever reported in New Taipei
            2019/10/05 21:39:44

            Taipei, Oct. 5 (CNA) A 34-year-old woman in New Taipei was recently treated for an indigenous case of chikungunya fever, the first in the city's Banqiao District this year, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said Saturday in a statement...

            ...Investigators suspect she may have contracted the mosquito-borne virus on a recent hike at Guoqiang Ridge Trail (國強嶺步道) in Zhonghe District, which was previously closed by authorities in September after a hiker came down with the illness...

            ...In its statement, the CDC said it was the 96th recorded case of chikungunya fever in Taiwan this year, and the 21st indigenous case.

            Twenty of the 21 indigenous cases have occurred in New Taipei -- including 15 in Zhonghe District, and one each in the districts of Yonghe, Xindian, Tucheng, Xinzhuang, and Banqiao.

            The other 75 were classified as imported cases, with 53 seen in patients who had recently traveled to Myanmar and 12 in recent visitors to Thailand, the CDC said...