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Guatemala to vaccinate 700,000 people for a flu outbreak

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  • Guatemala to vaccinate 700,000 people for a flu outbreak
    Portuguese-English translation

    Guatemala to vaccinate 700,000 people for a flu outbreak
    March 31, 2012 16h51 17h33 to date

    Health authorities in Guatemala waiting to vaccinate until the end of this year, about 700 000 people against influenza A (H1N1). An outbreak of the disease has already caused at least seven deaths since January, according to the minister minister, Francisco Arredondo. He explained that a first shipment of 470,000 vaccines have arrived. The second must be received in October.
    During vaccination, priority will be given to children under five, the elderly and people with immune problems, kidney and diabetes. "The preventive vaccination is a demonstration of the efforts that the ministry is doing to protect the health of Guatemalans and forming part of the actions being taken especially for the children's section," said Arredondo.
    The minister informed that the purchase comes from the revolving fund of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). However, despite the measures adopted by public health, Arredondo expressed concern that cases increase during Easter, due to massive concentrations in processions, beaches and other tourist spots.
    Second report of the National Epidemiology Center, dated March 19, seven people have died in the country this year because of influenza and its variants. Because of this, the authorities issued a yellow alert for the entire hospital system.