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El Salvador: At least 13 severely ill patients in ICU for H1N1

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  • El Salvador: At least 13 severely ill patients in ICU for H1N1

    A rapid increase in suspected cases of influenza A H1N1 has begun to affect the main centers of attention m?dica.Algunos Doctors reported that until Saturday and 13 patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) were reported to present severe acute respiratory infections, with high suspicion that they are by H1N1.Siete patients remained in the ICU of the General Hospital of the Salvadoran Social Security Institute (ISSS), while six others were in the general ICU of the Hospital of the ISSS Rosales.Subespecialistas have said that the number of complicated cases has caused concern in the Union of Medical Workers ISSS.El ISSS (SIMETRISSS) through its general secretary, Claudia Olano, he said that within weeks rallied H1N1 cases has begun to overwhelm the capacity of General hospital ICU.

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    Health is investigating 13 deaths of people suffering from suspected influenza A

    The Ministry of Health of El Salvador (MINSAL) investigates the death of 13 people infected with influenza A to determine whether it was responsible for his death, he confirmed today the minister of state, Violeta Menjivar. "There are 13 people suspected of having died from the virus AH1N1, we are confirming whether you really were killed directly by the AH1N1 "or if they had an" underlying disease was complicated, "Menjivar said wheel prensa.La official explained that" is not the same die with AH1N1 AH1N1 that ".The same did not detail the ages of the deceased and said only that they are" children, women, seniors (elderly) and adults "


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      A death from A (H1N1) and three are to be confirmed

      13 suspected cases of death by type A (H1N1) influenza Ministry of Health (MINSAL) confirmed again and is in the process of rule out or confirm three more are pending nine cases this year. "13 cases were in research, last week the medical audit committee was able to confirm the first death from these pneumonias, "said Rolando Masis, director Surveillance audited Sanitaria.El case is that of a 12-year-old from the municipality of Santa Tecla, who he died in San Rafael hospital on May 2 this year, "We receive nothing for three days, 16 hours, which speaks to the abrupt or severe picture, 'torpid' we call in medical terms.; He was admitted with a diagnosis of acute respiratory failure and community-acquired pneumonia. Besides this, he was given treatment with oseltamivir, which is recommended for these cases medicine. Were also identified as factors comorbid metabolic syndrome and obesity, "said Masis.


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        Increased cases of death from pneumonia in El Salvador

        Health authorities report that El Salvador there are nearly 100 cases more than in 2015 at the same date. The weekly average of 806 cases, the majority of expenses children under five years.
        Pneumonia cases have increased considerably in recent weeks in El Salvador, according to the latest epidemiological report by the Ministry of Health (MINSAL), which reveals that the epidemiological week 22 (SE22) -from 1 January to 4 June- 370 people have died from pneumonia, when last year at the same date were 272.En 2015 were reported expenditures 5,562, of whom 272 died, with a mortality of 4.81%; while this year 6,036 have been reported and 370 deaths expenses, so that the lethality increased to 6.13% .At compare the number of cases accumulated at week 22 of this year (17.741 cases), MINSAL reported an increase of 8% (1,263 cases), since the same date in 2015 were counted 16,478. According to the report, the weekly average is 806 pneumonia cases.

        Autoridades de Salud de El Salvador informan que hay casi 100 casos más que en el 2015 a la misma fecha. El promedio semanal es de 806 casos, siendo la mayoría de egresos niños menores de cinco años. Fuerte sismo de 6.2 sacude territorio guatemalteco Los casos de neumonía han incrementado considerablemente en las últimas […]