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28 killed in Costa Rica by flu A (H1N1)

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  • 28 killed in Costa Rica by flu A (H1N1)

    Six people were killed since the beginning of the year in Costa Rica because of the influenza A (H1N1) virus which 121 cases have been reported so far, reported this Saturday local press media.

    Confirmed the health surveillance director, Roberto Castro, the last of the dead was a neighboring 59-year-old man from the community of Tib?s, located on the Northern periphery of the capital.

    But the specialist said that the country still is not on alert by this flu and not projected to cancel massive events as the pilgrimage to the Basilica of Los Angeles, as if when the pandemic of 2009, spread the Diario Extra in its digital version.

    However, called for those affected by a respiratory picture to not attend events where there is a massive concentration of people, as well as choose to get the vaccine to prevent the infection, especially if they belong to the range of most vulnerable.

    The Executive recalled that the a(H1N1) flu more aggressive as the common picture, which generates persistent shortness of breath.

    Costa Rica faces also an epidemic of dengue fever, whose cases are 13 thousand 500 so far, a 260 percent more than those reported during the same period from 2012.

    At the beginning of July, the Ministry of health in the Central American nation declared a health alert by the increase in the number of people affected by dengue, a disease that has killed three people.

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    Re: 6 killed in Costa Rica by flu A (H1N1)

    Sixth victim of H1N1 had no risk factors

    The sixth fatality from the H1N1 flu had risk factors and was 33 years old, reported the Ministry of health. The woman, neighboring Hatillo of Quepos, Aguirre, died on Monday in Hospital Mexico, and according to Dr. Henry Wasserman, of the Department of health surveillance, his death could be due to a late search for assistance. The deceased fifth confirmed was a neighbor of San Juan de Tib?s, of 63 years, who died at the end of June at the Calderon Guardia Hospital. Despite the fact that all deaths caused by H1N1 occurred in the past two months, authorities maintain regular surveillance measures in the rainy season. The H1N1 virus manifests itself in similar to the common flu, with very high temperature.

    La sexta víctima de la gripe H1N1 no presentaba factores de riesgo y tenía 33 años, según informó el Ministerio de Salud.


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      Re: 6 killed in Costa Rica by flu A (H1N1)

      Virus H1N1 adds up eight victims in two months

      A 59-year-old woman and neighbor of Greece, turned this Thursday into the eighth victim of the virus of the influenza H1N1, who adds already three deaths in what it goes of July and five during last month. The doctor Henry Wasserman, of the department of Alertness of the Health of the Department of Health, confirmed that the woman who also was suffering from obesity in grade 1, Mexico died in the hospital. To this decease Mexico adds the death of a 33-year-old nearby woman of Hatillo de Quepos last Tuesday in the hospital, which had no risk factors but his death could owe to infections intrahospitalarias; and of a 24-year-old pregnant woman that there died in the hospital Caldron Custody to which it was achieved to save his baby. Also during June another five persons lost the life because of the virus, two of them in the hospital of Liberia, one in the Saint John of God, one in the Caldron Guard and a nearby man of C?bano that also was smoking and he died in the hospital Mexico.

      Una mujer de 59 años y vecina de Grecia, se convirtió este jueves en la octava víctima del virus de la influenza H1N1, que suma ya tres muertes en lo que va de julio y cinco durante el mes pasado.


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        Re: 8 killed in Costa Rica by flu A (H1N1)

        nine have died from flu so far of the year

        The number of deaths from flu in Costa Rica this year climbed to nine, a total of 120 people who have been hospitalized, a source from the Ministry of Health announced today. The doctor Henry Wasserman, of the Department of surveillance of the Ministry of health, confirmed to journalists that nine people have died and that the last mortal victim is an adult woman from the community of Naranjo, province of Alajuela, in the center of the country. Most of the people killed by the virus H1N1 had risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, cardiac, or respiratory diseases among others. Costa Rica health authorities have asked people in the last days take extra hygiene, especially handwashing constant measures, to prevent the spread of influenza a.


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          Re: 9 killed in Costa Rica by flu A (H1N1)

          Eight who have died of H1N1, Health Ministry ruled out that the latest death was caused by this flu

          Despite the fact that last week the Health Ministry confirmed the death of nine people suffering from the H1N1 flu this week clarified that the last reported death of a 59-year-old patient was due to adenovirus. Today are recorded in 8 who have died of H1N1.

          This was confirmed by a Roberto Castro, Director of the health surveillance who said that it was preliminarily recorded death due to the H1N1 flu, however after carrying out the relevant tests are confirmed by laboratory that the cause of death was by the suffering of adenovirus.

          The death of the native patient of Greece, which also had a clinical picture of obesity was recorded at the beginning of the previous week in Hospital Mexico.

          So far this year the authorities of the Ministry of health recorded 258 cases by influenza A, of which 72 are by H3N2, 24 cases of offences and 156 are suffering by which recorded 8 deaths by H1N1.

          The dead by H1N1 have been patients between 50 and 61 years of age, deaths have occurred in the Mexico Hospital, San Juan de Dios Hospital Calderon Guardia Hospital, on San Ramon Hospital and in the area of Liberia.


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            Re: 9 killed in Costa Rica by flu A (H1N1)

            10 deaths from the H1N1 virus in the country

            The Health Ministry reported two new deaths by suffering from the H1N1 virus in the country, so the sum already reach ten deaths.

            This was confirmed by Henry Wasserman, health surveillance, who, in turn, indicated that those killed were a woman about 40 years and a 59-year-old man, cases that were confirmed by laboratory. test Wasserman explained that the woman died in the Hospital of San Ramon and did not have any risk factor, whereas in the Turrialba area native 59-year-old man lost his life in the Calderon Guardia Hospital, however gave no details of whether this had any risk conditions before contracting the virus.

            So far this year the authorities of the Ministry of health recorded about 335 cases by influenza A and H1N1 influenza 192 all laboratory-confirmed.


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              Re: 10 killed in Costa Rica by flu A (H1N1)

              22 deaths for respiratory viruses in the country

              According to the latest report of the Ministry of health, H1N1 flu has raised the number of deaths to 10 people so far from 2013. Hilda Salazar coordinator unit Imunoprevenibles and flu indicated that today to 360 cases of Influenza A, are counted while H1N1 raised the figure to 207 people infected; i.e., 15 more than the week ill pass.

              Salazar said that more than 500 people have been infected in various respiratory diseases.

              Salazar stated that a simple cold could prove to be an infection of influenza H1N1, therefore reiterates that it is necessary to follow the recommendations that the Ministry has indicated on several occasions, to prevent this disease.

              However added that the figure for deaths has increased more than double that of the same period from 2012.

              For his part, Mar?a Ethel Trejos explained that H1N1 is no longer considered pandemic but rather a virus of seasonal influence, therefore in times of pandemic protocols, as the insulation are no longer needed, but insists on meeting the measures preventative.


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                Re: 10 killed in Costa Rica by flu A (H1N1)

                Swine flu deaths in Costa Rica total 12 victims
                Posted: Saturday, August 31, 2013 - By AFP
                A six-year-old died late this month, bringing the toll in 2013 to a dozen deaths.
                A six-year-old girl died from the H1N1 virus (often referred to as "swine flu") last week, bringing the death toll in the country to 12, according to the Health Ministry.

                Henry Wassterman, a preventive medicine specialist at the Health Ministry, told local media that the girl died in the National Children's Hospitals, after she had been admitted with symptoms of encephalitis.
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                  Re: 12 killed in Costa Rica by flu A (H1N1)

                  At least 19 killed by influenza A (H1N1) in Costa Rica

                  At least 19 people have died this year by the influenza A virus (H1N1) in Costa Rica, according to a report of the Ministry of Health published by the local press. The number of deaths increase after confirming the death of six victims with H1N1 which were in the records of the Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social and had not been matched with those of the Ministry of Health, the newspaper said the nation in its web page.

                  Henry Basserman, The Department of surveillance of the health portfolio, said that the deaths were recorded several months ago, but that it is only now was able to verify by laboratory tests that the death was due to influenza H1N1.

                  In addition, Basserman indicated that recorded 20 deaths by other respiratory viruses. The regions with the highest number of victims are in the Central Pacific and South Central, with seven each, and the North Central, with five.

                  In the year, there have been 415 laboratory tests, of which 302 have positive result with the H1N1 virus, he said. The main symptoms of influenza A (H1N1) are fever greater than 38 degrees, sore throat, cough, sneezing, muscle aches and general malaise intense.


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                    Re: 19 killed in Costa Rica by flu A (H1N1)

                    Dies woman of 84 years by H1N1

                    Health authorities confirmed the death of a woman of 84 years of age by the virus H1N1. Heredia was nearby.

                    According to the director of Health Surveillance, Dr. Mary Ethel Trejos, this would be the case number 27 in what we have of the year. The older adults had risk factors such as hypertension, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. When we look at what the year, 28 people have died from H1N1 28.

                    Death prior to this he was a teenager in only 16 years who remains the youngest victim by respiratory virus H1N1.


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                      Re: 28 killed in Costa Rica by flu A (H1N1)

                      There are two deaths by H1N1 influenza this week

                      This week there were two deaths by H1N1 flu, so confirmed it the Director of health surveillance, Dr. Mar?a Ethel Trejos to this afternoon.'One of the deceased is a man of San Carlos, he was 69 years old and she was suffering from bronchitis, chronic heart failure and hypertension, the other case is a woman of Heredia, 84 years old, she had as evils of Fund, asthma, hypertension and even a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease', explained Dr. Trejos.De thus register officially 30 deaths by this virus.This afternoon, the Director of health surveillance also confirmed that a girl of only six years, neighboring Costa Rica, is the youngest victim of this evil.