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St. Martin (Fr) Covid-19 - 256 cases; 6 deaths

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  • St. Martin (Fr) Covid-19 - 256 cases; 6 deaths


    ..On Saturday, Saint Martin has 12 confirmed cases of Covid-19, one more than yesterday.

    Five patients, including the new one, confined to their homes, including the new case. Seven others are hospitalized, two are in Guadeloupe.

    Another case was repatriated to his country of origin...
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    St. Martin records a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases, and first death
    Islands 29 March 2020 Hits: 1800

    MARIGOT—St. Martin saw a sudden jump in coronavirus COVID-19 cases on Sunday, with two cases hospitalized, one confined to home, and the first recorded death linked to the virus, the Prefecture and regional health authority ARS reported.

    Not counting two patients who previously recovered, and the one deceased, total active cases have now risen to 15 in St. Martin (nine in hospital, six isolated at home). St. Barths still remains stable with five cases, all confined to home.

    The deceased was a 61-year-old male, resident of St. Martin, who after a road accident a week ago suddenly displayed respiratory symptoms at home on March 25. He was immediately transferred to the Louis-Constant-Fleming Hospital under the strict protocols of transport and health safety in the context of suspicion of coronavirus COVID 19 infection...


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      Three new COVID 19 cases on French side brings tally to 16
      Islands 31 March 2020 Hits: 511

      MARIGOT—Three new coronavirus COVID-19 cases were declared in St. Martin by the Pr?fecture and health authority ARS on Tuesday, bringing total active cases to 16.

      The number of hospitalized cases is six and 10 patients (including the three new cases) are confined to their homes. So far there have been two deaths from St. Martin related to the virus. St. Barths continues to be stable with five cases confirmed to their homes...


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        ...According to the health bulletin dated March 31, the French side has 21 cases of Covid-19.

        Of these 21 patients:

        - Two are cured, they were parents who came from the Oise in early March to visit their son in Saint-Barth. On their way back to Juliana, they were recovered by the French authorities and transported to the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center where they were isolated.

        - An American who was on a boat. He was repatriated to Florida from where he was from. The transfer was covered by his insurance.

        - Two Swiss tourists. They stayed in the French part and went to Juliana airport to fly to Europe. At the airport, they presented symptoms and Juliana's agents did not want them to board and asked the French authorities to recover them.

        - Two men died, one domiciled in Agr?ment and aged 81, the second was domiciled in Grand Case, he died of a scooter accident and tested positive for Covid-19 post mortem.

        Of the 21 patients, 5 are tourists, the other 16 are residents who may or may not have traveled recently.

        In the French part, 87 tests were carried out on March 30, according to our sources. If only positive residents (16 cases) are considered, almost 18.4% of the tests were positive. Tourists are counted in the French part because they stayed there but they frequented both parts of the island as much.


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          A new case and 3 new patients cured in Saint-Martin
          According to the latest health report, Saint Martin has a new confirmed case of Covid-19 on April 1.
          The authorities also announce three cured patients including the pregnant woman who had been evacuated in Guadeloupe. This brings to 14 the number of cases still active in the French part. Seven are hospitalized and seven are confined to their homes. As a reminder, the capacity for patients with Covid-19 is 15 beds at the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center.

          ?The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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            10 new positive cases and a 1st death in the Dutch part

            The Prime Minister of Sint Maarten announced in an audio message the evening of Tuesday, 10 of the 19 tests that were pending returned positive. This brings the number of Covid-19 cases in the Dutch part to 16.
            Silveria Jacobs also announced that she had taken the death of a person who was confined to his home because he was suspected of carrying the virus. She died at home on Tuesday.


            3 new cases of Covid-19 in the French part

            Tuesday, March 31, Saint Martin has three new positive cases of Covid-19, it is three women. This brings the number of active cases in the French part to sixteen.

            ?The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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              Two new cases in the French part, a person from Sandy Ground evacuated in Guadeloupe

              The health report on Sunday reports two new confirmed cases in Saint-Martin. The number of active cases in the territory is 19. Thirteen people are confined to their homes and six are hospitalized.

              All the districts of the island of Saint-Martin are affected by the epidemic, insists the prefecture. Today a 54-year-old resident of Sandy Ground has been evacuated to Guadeloupe.
              Estelle Gasnet


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                31 cases confirmed:

                ...The latest report published by the Regional Health Agency for the Northern Islands still reports 31 confirmed cases on Saint Martin, including 6 hospitalized, 13 confined to their homes. 3 were repatriated to Guadeloupe. There are therefore no new cases in the French part, where 7 people are currently considered cured.

                The confirmed cases are mainly aged between 15 and 64 years, 71%. The share of cases aged 75 and over represents 10%...


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                  Saint Martin- 32 cases, 2 deaths, 11 recovered
                  ?The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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                    No new cases:


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                      Coronavirus: 1 additional case in Saint-Martin brings the total number of cases on the island to 33

                      The latest report published by the Regional Health Agency for the Northern Islands reports this Saturday of 33 confirmed cases on Saint-Martin including 5 hospitalized, two in Saint-Martin and 3 in Guadeloupe. 12 are confined to their homes. 3 were repatriated. He therefore has a new case in the French part, where 13 people are currently considered cured.

                      The number of active patients on the territory is 17 people. there are 19 women and 13 men affected. Two deaths have been reported since the start of the crisis. All the districts are concerned.

                      In Saint-Barth?l?my, the results are still 6 confirmed cases, two of which were confined to the home. 4 are considered cured. No hospitalization is to be deplored, no death.
                      ?The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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               Combined figures

                        ► Saint-Martin / Saint-Barth?l?my: 39 case, two deaths
                        ?The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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                          A new case confirmed in the French part, confinement extended to May 11

                          The President of the Republic announced on Monday during his fourth address to the French since the start of the crisis, that the confinement is extended until Monday, May 11; displacement measures remain the same, including overseas.

                          Emmanuel Macron also declared that the rules of life in society will be adapted after May 11 (wearing a mask, etc.).

                          In addition, the health report as of today shows a new case of Covid-19 in Saint-Martin, this brings the number of active cases to 16, ten people are confined to their homes (including the new case ) and six are hospitalized, three in Saint-Martin and three in Guadeloupe.
                          Estelle Gasnet


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                            Since the outbreak began in St. Martin there have been 34 cases:


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                              35th case: