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Nicaragua: Covid-19 - 3773 cases and 141 deaths.

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    Coronavirus does not stop in the country. Citizen Observatory registers 8,508 cases until July 15 - Nicaragua News
    News by the World -
    July 17, 2020 0

    Nicaragua reached 8,508 suspected cases of Covid-19 and 2,397 deaths, according to the report through July 15 from the Covid-19 Citizen Observatory. The increase in cases in the last seven days was 332, representing an increase of four percent.

    The cases have been reported from all the departments and autonomous regions of Nicaragua, which shows that SARS-CoV-2 has spread throughout the national territory. However, Managua remains the department with the highest number of infections (3, 427), followed by Matagalpa (941), Masaya (605), León (585), Estelí (478) and Chinandega, which at the start of the pandemic , between April and May, it was placed as one of the outbreaks of infections, now it has moved to sixth place, where more cases of the new coronavirus are reported in the country, 300, according to the Observatory.

    According to different doctors, epidemiologists, the country maintains community transmission, which implies that anyone can have the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) still does not recognize it and its figures differ greatly from those of the Observatory, which according to specialists are closer to the reality of the impact of the pandemic in the country. As of Tuesday, July 14, the Minsa recognizes 3,147 confirmed cases, and 99 deaths, with a case fatality rate of 3 percent.

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    The Observatory's suspicious deaths are divided into 137, which categorize them as pneumonia deaths and 2,260 as Covid-19 suspects. Managua also accounts for the highest number of deaths due to the pandemic, 36 percent, while Masaya; 10 percent and Matagalpa 8 percent.

    Health sector continues to be hit by Covid-19

    Until July 15, the Observatory accumulates reports of 724 health workers with associated or presumptive Covid-19 symptoms. And the deaths went from 94 to 96, all with suspicious symptoms.

    These deaths include 40 doctors, 22 nursing personnel, 14 administrative personnel, 7 laboratory personnel, 3 medical visitors, 3 dentists, and 7 categorized as support personnel, vector-borne disease (ETV) personnel, among others.

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    It is worth mentioning that the Observatory is made up of an interdisciplinary team that collects information provided by organizations, networks and citizens in general. The group is made up of professionals from medicine (including health professionals and epidemiologists), communication, research, engineering, computer science and students.

    At the same time, they point out that the agglomerations remain in the country. That is one of the most reported irregularities. "These activities were, for the most part, organized, promoted and / or permitted by the respective municipalities," they say.


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      July 28, 2020. Nicaragua reports 3080 cases and 116 deaths
      This link contains an article and a copy of the press release from the Ministry of Health, which I do not yet see on any official site. Usually there is a confirming graphic on the Facebook page of Vice-President Rosario Murillo, but this week so far there is not. Nicaragua usually reports once a week on Tuesday.


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        Nicaragua reports 3266 cases and 123 deaths.


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          Nicaragua reports 3413 cases and 128 deaths.
 Press release in both Spanish and English from the Ministry of Health.


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            Nicaragua reports 3540 cases and 133 deaths.


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              Nicaragua reports 3659 cases and 137 deaths.
     the press release from the Ministry of Health in Spanish and English


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                Nicaragua reports 3773 cases and 141 deaths.


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                  Nicaragua reports 3877 cases and 144 deaths.