Costa Rica allows entry of 4 Cubans with COVID-19 who asked for refuge
May 29, 2020 Karla Pérez González Costa Rica

San José, May 29 ( - The government of the Republic allowed the entry of four Cubans who asked for refuge on the Nicaraguan border and were examined giving positive results to COVID-19.

This was confirmed to EL MUNDO sources of Health.

They are in isolation with a sanitary order. Their ages are 29, 36, 43 and 46 years old.

The Ministry of Health reported this Friday of 22 new cases of coronavirus in the country, for a total of 1,022.

The government of the Republic decreed more than two months ago the state of National Emergency, due to the threat of COVID-19.

The declaration of emergency will remain in effect for the period that the Executive Power provides, according to reports issued by the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention or, failing that, for the maximum period established by the National Law on Prevention of Risks and Attention to Emergencies, Law N ° 8488, being able to be extended or modified by executive decree if the emergency conditions require it.

Lessons in public and private schools were suspended until further notice.

In addition, only Costa Rican people and residents in the country can enter the country, a measure that will last until June 15 and they must remain in quarantine for 14 days.

Since May 1, they can reopen cinemas, theaters and gyms, at 25% of their capacity, as the first part of the de-escalation measures in the country.

Also on May 11, the schedule was announced that will be executed in the next three months as part of the measures for the gradual reactivation of the economy, provided that the behavior affected by the pandemic continues to evolve as until now.