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Ontario: Chatham-Kent pandemic plan

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  • Ontario: Chatham-Kent pandemic plan

    Readying for influenza pandemic

    Health unit responsible for 'carrying the ball'

    Posted By By Ellwood Shreve

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    The Chatham-Kent Board of Health has officially adopted a pandemic influenza plan.
    The local health unit drafted its first pandemic plan in 2003, however, until yesterday, it has never been brought to the board of health for approval.
    Dr. David Colby, Chatham-Kent’s acting medical officer of health, said it is important “to get our house in order” particularly with respect to the responsibilities for responding to it.
    “The health unit really is the one charged with carrying the ball . . . particularly myself,” Colby said.
    Wallaceburg Coun. Tom McGregor, who sits on the health board, asked how the health unit co-ordinates with the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance and long-term care facilities if a pandemic hits.
    There is a wide ranging committee formed, that includes representatives from the health unit, hospital, police, fire, EMS, public utilities, and the Delaware First Nation.
    As well, Lucy Brown, general manager of health and family services, said each long-term care facility must have their own pandemic plan. She added each municipal department and every business should also have a contingency plan to determine what aspect of their operation can be dropped if a pandemic hits.
    The report adopted by the health board states the pandemic influenza plan is a living document that will undergo continuous updating.
    The pandemic plan is a public document and is available through the municipal web portal at