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Thailand: One soldier in Chiang Mai died of H1N1 flu, two others in serious condition

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  • Thailand: One soldier in Chiang Mai died of H1N1 flu, two others in serious condition

    One soldier has died of bird flu and two others are still in serious condition at an army hospital in Chiang Mai.

    Dr Nopporn Niwatnanant, director of the Thep Panya hospital, on Thursday informed relatives of the dead victim, Pvt Somchai Sri-uang, that he died of bird flu of the H1N1 type which is very serious.

    He said that the victim was admitted into the hospital in serious condition with respiration aid because he could not breathe by himself and looked very fatigue and both of his lungs were inflamed. Laboratorial tests showed he was infected with H1N1 bird flu virus.

    Lt-Col Yutthapong Klanthakasuwan, commander of Kaweela barrack said that Somchai had a fever on January 23 and he was given some medicines by medics in the barrack and was told to go to the camp hospital for treatment but he declined until his condition worsened and was forced to the hospital before he was transferred to Thep Panya hospital.

    The colonel went on saying that earlier 11 soldiers, including Somchai, had fever and were treated at the camp hospital. Seven have been discharged except two whose condition is serious and quarantined as a precaution to prevent the virus from spreading.

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    Re: Thailand: One soldier in Chiang Mai died of H1N1 flu, two others in serious condition

    CHIANG MAI, 30 January 2014 (NNT) ? The Department of Disease Control (DDC) has denied a report that a soldier in Chiang Mai died from bird flu infection, saying the patient was, in fact, suffering from seasonal flu with complications.

    Director-General of the DDC Sopon Mekthon announced that after a thorough examination of the death of Private Somchai Sri-eaungdoi of Kawila Army Camp in Chiang Mai, the responsible virus was found to be the H1N1 strain of influenza. A typhus infection was another factor causing his illness to be fatal.

    The director-general rebutted previous claims by Theppanya Hospital that the patient succumbed to bird flu. He confirmed that no bird flu cases had resurfaced in Thailand lately.

    Previously, Private Somchai started having a fever on January 23 and his condition quickly worsened before he was admitted to Kawila Camp Hospital with flu symptoms and pulmonary infection. He was then forwarded to Theppanya Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


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      Re: Thailand: One soldier in Chiang Mai died of H1N1 flu, two others in serious condition

      flu patients in Chiang Mai

      Notorious flu patients in Chiang Mai. 3. H1N1 strains found fire warning citizens not to panic. The installation could not be found from animal to person. .. when Feb. 25 m.d. Ajmer chari วิวัฒน Sate. Head of marketing. Metropolitan Hospital, pink, Chiangmai Specifies whether now in Chiang Mai Province. Found patients infected with influenza and the H1N1 flu strain a lot, especially the H1N1 strain flu patients died and 3 list a hospital patient screening points that was flu infection. Assessment of the need to give the drug a blood test and sent to x-ray the lungs that patients, mainly children, and those with immune system in the body that is weak. Usually treatment based on symptoms if the patient was detected with symptoms worse until pneumonia. The hospital bed will cause symptoms of flu caused by exposed and the patient's cholesterol, which flu strain was originally mounted from person to person. Still can't find cold flu infects from animals to people, so that people do not panic: regional news team.


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        Re: Thailand: One soldier in Chiang Mai died of H1N1 flu, two others in serious condition

        Chiang Mai found patients' Swine Flu H1N1 'Double up as a 4 deaths

        สสจ Chiang Mai revealed flu patient found dead, 4. Trends, the SARS outbreak in the month of March. warn the people body care self-help options if you do not feel comfortable high fever Pain relief, get the meat from your doctor ... The case found dead 3 Revenue from Swine Flu H N 1 1 There are also a number of very sick with this disease, the doctor voice assets The doctor, health care, Chiang Mai Vishnu gems. He said the swine flu situation in the area of Crown Wat Chiang Mai, in the first 3 months of the year to a range. On the outbreak of the Avian, Wat Yai every year. Statistics from 461 patients found in January. and in the month of February to find patients who are now, and then 671. And last found dead 4. Record number of nearby which was found to last year. and there is likely to continue and spread will be reduced in Adam's apple In March, the most important thing is to let people demonstrates this panic.