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South Korea: Influenza A (H1N1) in elementary school

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  • South Korea: Influenza A (H1N1) in elementary school

    [Today Korea = Cockpit News] two people in an elementary school in Seoul, flu (influenza A H1N1) patients occurred.
    KCDC, Seoul, in the last 17 days all elementary students in a classroom 32 patients, 25 patients (including 14 people absent) from the acute febrile respiratory illness and wounded 11 people, double the rough results of diagnostic tests, two patients were diagnosed as influenza A is 20 one said.
    Students with symptoms of antiviral drugs administered while the current school has taken action to stop the headquarters said.
    CDC influenza A and influenza sentinel surveillance results jaeyuhaeng hyeondangyeeseoneun considered low probability, but as winter comes in earnest because of influenza infection, increasing the likelihood that the risk must be urged to be vaccinated.
    Last week (November 7 to 13) weeks of the fraction of patients with ILI (ILI) per 1000 persons fashion by 3.64 (2.9 people) is higher than.
    Centers for Disease Control in October and schools, businesses, nursing homes and acute febrile respiratory illness outbreak in the target monitoring must be conducted during outbreaks reported to health centers were advised to do.

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    Re: South Korea: Influenza A (H1N1) in elementary school

    Pohang, about 100 suspected primary bull showing symptoms while in Gangwon Province confirmed cases closed increased from an elementary school in Pohang flu (influenza type A/H1N1) caused confirmed cases of a people, and closed more than 100 people were suspected to show symptoms. And in Seoul last month, mid-30s as a complication of the flu actress who died after having confirmed cases in Kangwon Province, the neulmyeonseo flu is a serious showing signs of spreading. The 10th Training Support Agency, according to Pohang, Pohang, Buk hakjamdong A 5th grader last nine days in group B were diagnosed with influenza. Results of its investigation at this school for more than 100 people showing symptoms of doubt, depending on the school closed for the day decided the day. The school official said, "All 41 suspects in the classroom in groups of 4-5 symptoms appeared to target the entire student body sent a text message indicating an emergency suspension," he said. Buk-gu, Pohang, public health and quickly set out to determine the truth of seasonal influenza (flu) symptoms when you have to find the nearest hospital or health center must be urged to parents to receive this treatment.


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      Re: South Korea: Influenza A (H1N1) in elementary school


      12-12-2010 19:04
      H1N1 flu hits southern schools

      By Kang Shin-who

      The influenza A (H1N1) virus, which swept the world last year, has returned as the weather has become colder, forcing an elementary school in a southeastern area to be closed.

      A group of children at an elementary school in Daejeon were found to have been infected by the virus. A total of 16 students in fifth and sixth grades suffered from fever and tested positive for influenza A, last Friday, the authorities said...


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        Re: South Korea: Influenza A (H1N1) in elementary school

        Two Cases of H1N1 Found in Gongju, S. Chungcheong

        Two possible cases of H1N1 flu have turned up in Korea, at a middle school in Gongju, South Chungcheong Province.
        The South Chungcheong Education Office said Monday that the two showed symptoms of H1N1, including fever, and were absent from school.
        They tested positive for H1N1, but luckily no other schools in the province have reported students with symptoms.
        A provincial education office official said the students are being kept away from other people and measures are in the works to keep the flu from spreading.
        Last week in Daejeon, about two hours south of Seoul, 16 students were found to be infected with H1N1.