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ProMED: About 30 people die of unidenified diarrheal illness - poisonous mushrooms suspected?

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  • ProMED: About 30 people die of unidenified diarrheal illness - poisonous mushrooms suspected?

    Published Date: 2012-07-17 00:57:14
    Subject: PRO/MBDS> Diarrhea - Myanmar (04): Shan, RFI
    Archive Number: 20120717.1639


    A ProMED-mail post
    ProMED-mail is a program of the
    International Society for Infectious Diseases

    Date: Sat 7 Jul 2012Source: Myanmar News Now [in Myanmar, trans. Mod.YMA, edited]

    In Lashio Township of northern Shan State, villagers got diarrhea and
    about 30 people died, according to health care staff from the villages.

    "The Mine-Yaw District is situated about 32 miles north of Lashio Town.
    The villagers say 27 people died up until Tuesday [3 Jul 2012]. Most of
    them are males," said a health staff member from a non-governmental
    organization (NGO) in Lashio Town.

    Most of the dead are from Man-mat, Pan-hto-lin, Ho-huay and Pan-sa-pyay
    village tracts of Mine-Yaw District and died since mid-June 2012. There
    was one death every week during the end of June 2012. As the numbers of
    deaths mount, the local authorities have prohibited gatherings such as
    markets and charity events.

    "I don't know why. They have abdominal pain and diarrhea. After they
    have been admitted to hospital for about 3 days, if they have not
    recovered, they are being discharged from hospital. Then, they die at
    home. There is not enough medicine in the hospital. We rely only on
    China-made medicines
    ," says a vendor from Mine-Yaw market.

    The local said that diarrhea patients from some faraway villages came
    and received treatment at Mine-Yaw Township Hospital and spread the
    disease to the local people. The weekly market has already been closed
    by the authorities for 2 weeks. The authorities warn people not to eat
    mushrooms and ripe jack fruits.

    An unconfirmed source said that the illness is caused by poisoning of
    water by local rival armed forces

    "Since the health center asked the heads of villages to warn people to
    drink only boiled water and not to eat cold and left-over foods, fewer
    people are dying. Initially, 3-4 people died every day," said Nan Sai, a
    local person.

    Communicated by:

    [The above newswire fails to provide the specific clinical
    manifestations which would be useful to diagnose the possible
    etiological agent responsible for these food poisoning outbreaks.
    However, the diarrhea outbreaks are spreading in many villages of
    Mine-Yaw District. As the local authorities warn people to avoid eating
    mushrooms, some outbreaks might be associated with consuming poisonous

    More information on the etiology of this outbreak would be greatly
    appreciated by PRO/MBDS.

    For a map of Myanmar with administrative divisions, see For the
    interactive HealthMap/ProMED-mail map of Myanmar, see - Mod.YMA]