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Malaysian pupil in coma suspected of having H1N1 - died from encephalitis

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  • Malaysian pupil in coma suspected of having H1N1 - died from encephalitis

    MALACCA: Although the state health authorities are still investigating the illness of the Year Five pupil who slipped into a coma here, the boy's school has issued a notice claiming he was suspected to be infected with H1N1.
    Malacca Health Department deputy director (Public Health) Dr Rusdi Abd Rahman said the boy had been suffering from meningitis prior to falling into a coma.
    "We are still in the midst of identifying what caused him to fall ill," he said yesterday.

    A statement from the state education director's office said the 11-year-old boy was treated at Malacca Hospital on April 9 and transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of a private hospital the next day.
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    A 10-year-old student Suspect H1N1 Death

    Melaka, April 15 (Bernama)--a five-year student primary school national type Chinese Pay Teck, who was suspected of contracting Influenza A or H1N1, died at midnight Tuesday. Melaka State Health Director Datuk Ghazali Othman confirmed the matter however said the cause of death a 10-year-old boys is still in investigation. ' it is hoped that members of the public not to rush to the conclusion in this regard, 'he said when contacted by Bernama here on Wednesday the applicant the man treated in a private hospital here after being warded due to a high fever since last Friday and is in a State of coma before died.Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr s. Subramaniam said the infection of the student still has not been confirmed and two or three days needed to carry out tests to identify the infection.


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      Year Five Pupil Dies Of Suspected H1N1

      MELAKA: A pupil from SJK (C) Pay Teck, who is suspected to have been diagnosed with H1N1 passed away yesterday. Malacca Health Department head Datuk Dr Ghazali Othman, who confirmed the year five pupil's death said further investigation will be carried out to determine the cause of the death, as reported by local malay news daily, Kosmo!. “As for now, we haven’t yet identified the cause of the death of the pupil and it is still under investigation,” he said. Prior to this, a separate news report earlier had stated that a notice had been issued that a student was admitted to Malacca General Hospital after contracting the virus. However, the Ministry of Health has later denied the case.


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        Pupil death positive for H1N1

        Putrajaya: the Ministry of Health confirmed a 10-year-old school students in Malacca who died last night of positive Influenza A (H1N1). However, the Ministers Datuk Seri Dr S Subramaniam said the Government also has not been able to confirm the exact cause of death of the victims given that at the same time, victims also suffer from chronic infection of the brain.According to him, the death case is considered unusual and rare for patients with H1N1 because the victims also suffer from chronic infection of the brain at the time of sama.googletag.display (' div-gpt-ad-1406187945380-0 '); 'We will review the matter clearly. We also could not verify the actual cause of his death is given the victims receiving treatment at a private hospital instead of at government hospitals, ' he said at press conference here grants. He said it is difficult to be proved at this time because the patient had already died.


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          ‘Lost our chance’ to confirm if Malacca boy died from H1N1, health minister admits

          PUTRAJAYA, April 15 — The actual cause of death of a 10-year-old pupil in Malacca could not be verified as the victim was infected by the A(H1N1) influenza virus and encephalitis at the same time, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam. He said the Year Five pupil’s death was extraordinary and the ministry could not determine the actual cause of death as an examination of the brain was not carried out.
          “At the moment, the confirmation that the victim contracted H1N1 was only based on samples taken in the respiratory tract.
          “As such, it is difficult for us to confirm whether the encephalitis was due H1N1,” he told a press conference here today.
          The boy was allegedly infected by Influenza A (H1N1) virus and died early this morning. He went into a coma while being treated at a private hospital in Malacca.
          According to Dr Subramaniam, the private hospital doctor diagnosed the cause of the student’s death as due to secondary viral encephalitis and H1N1 and the ministry accepted the cause for the time being.


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            Encephalitis and H1N1 influenza are not two different diseases, it is very likely that the H1N1 virus has caused the encephalitis, many such cases are documented in the literature