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Malaysia - H1N1 virus invade brainstem cells: boy in a coma for over a month

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  • Malaysia - H1N1 virus invade brainstem cells: boy in a coma for over a month

    Penang) virus invade macrophages brain stem cells and blood infected with H1N1 influenza produces a positive reaction, leading to the original lovely 6-year-old boy unconscious than a month, the family exhausted way call, and even dispatched attempting to rally, the boy is still The unawakened over. This unfortunate incident, Yang Ming held in Mertajam body.

    Brain intubation drawn congestion

    According to the boys' grandmother Lin Qiu heart (60 years old) pointed out, the grandson of a high fever in the night of August 31, after taking his condition has improved, shortly after the body temperature again soared high, kept saying cold.

    Daughter, Lin Yuling (33 years old) and son-in-law (36 years old) to shun Yang called grandson sleep will be just fine, until the daughter eyes to detect grandson hanged in the early morning, as soon as he was rushed to Mertajam Hospital.

    She pointed out, when the doctor checks grandson body temperature of 39 degrees Celsius, and body stiffness, also did not respond to help him brush his hands showing purple, although the doctor immediately rescue, but the grandson is still no response, and finally only be sent to the Central Hospital in Penang.

    Enter the Central Hospital in Penang, the grandson of the brain congestion before and after the doctor three times for his surgery, and installed pipe drawn congestion in the brain, she said. Grandson surgery of stay in the ICU for three weeks, until last week transferred to the general ward.

    She revealed, grandson in coma this period, the family exhausted any method call grandson, in addition to reading textbooks to him, singing his favorite song, and even scolded him with attempting to rally grandson only occasionally give a little reaction, such as Eyelid blinking.

    She pointed out that the Ming held the daughter's son, daughter and son-in-law had two sons, the younger brother of the Ming held this year, 4-year-old.

    As the daughter is a secretary, the son-in-law is a technical staff, before her daughter had to take a month leave to take care of grandchildren, but due to limited holiday in October daughter has to go to work. So only at night can Mertajam came to visit grandson morning her in the care of grandchildren.

    H1N1 variety boy without isolation

    The boy's mother, Lin Yuling by the advisory, doctors confirmed that the blood of the H1N1 influenza response, but the virus invade of macrophage brain stem cells, is the result of the child to the main coma since. Although the of child brain stem cells by the invasion of macrophages, but is still breathing and heartbeat.

    Asked why the H1N1 influenza is not isolated, she said, the doctor pointed out that the H1N1 flu there are many kinds, the child is not isolated.

    She said, doctors revealed to the family, and October 1 to 4, the child's risk period has passed, doctors hope that the family in the side to give them encouragement and support, in order to wake him up, but even after the child woke there will be sequels, including learning disabilities, and more difficult to understand what others say.

    PENG Wen Bao pointed out, the the initial diagnosis boy is suffering from H1N1, but diagnosed the second time, in order to confirm.

    He said that this year, January 1 to September 29, the Penang-reported a total of 736. 99 is confirmed, the boy is one of them.

    As of today H1N1 Penang Central Hospital for treatment of 33 patients.

    When asked why no boy has not been quarantined, he pointed out, H1N1 has a tendency ordinary cases, it is not necessary to isolate.

    3-6 months is waking up to the golden period

    Lin Yuling, the boy's mother, said doctors told the three months to six months is the the children wake golden period, otherwise it may never become a vegetable.

    She said, the doctors advised if the child lying in a hospital bed dangerous to life and long-term, the ideal is the faster wake up the better, but doctors can not determine the child how high the wake probability, doctors explain psychologically prepared.

    Lin Yuling today in the Spring River Park home interview, the child has more than one month can not eat and can not move, just eyes occasionally turning.

    Test According to the doctor, the child the right side of the body has no reaction, but also some of the reactions of the left side of the body.

    Lively, cheerful child lying beds in the parents are unable to accept the reality

    Usually the child lively and cheerful, and so far only lying in bed, so that the parents can not accept the reality!

    Lin Yuling said the child's body has always been healthy and had no serious illness, high fever, but I did not expect the child may be in a vegetative state for life.

    "I have two children are very lively."

    Little talk about her, she can not help but eyes fill with tears, she said, her usual favorite cell phone camera children.

    She said, night after work, she and her husband went to the hospital to visit the children, to help his body massage and chat, I hope to one day be able to wake him up.

    She said her child was hospitalized after a day waiting for the child to stay in the hospital, due to economic problems at home, she needs to continue to work, so the child to the mother-in-law to take care of her to the hospital to take care of their children on weekends only.

    The disease still unconscious family not in the mood for a male Tong Qingsheng

    Boy original birthday on October 17, the disease is still unconscious, his family has not in the mood for its birthday celebration.

    She said, usually family will prepare for their children cake, and then celebrated with his family, but the children are still lying in bed. She also said that the brainstem cell damage, the child's body temperature often uncontrolled, so the medical staff often observe their progress.

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    Re: Malaysia - H1N1 virus invade brainstem cells: boy in a coma for over a month

    The Malaysian boys over 3 months in coma

    Malaysian 6-year-old boy Yang Mingcong, got a high fever post-to lose consciousness at the end of August on the 2nd suddenly, after that diagnosed to the Type A flu ( \nH1N1) virus is positive, until now already stupor over 3 months. The doctor refers to his brain stem by bacterial infection, recently diagnosed he to suffer from meningitis, \nPresently only depends on his willpower hopefully to wake up, next a half year is the golden period that he regains consciousness, if he in six months still stupor, then possibly becomes a vegetable. \nThe boy parents hope that has the doctor of related treatment experience to give the opinion.