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S. Korea - 87% of disinfectants used on farms found to be ineffective?

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  • S. Korea - 87% of disinfectants used on farms found to be ineffective?

    [The worst AI ever] Disinfection of farms is essential. 87% of farms use 'blind' disinfectant

    Park Hong Young
    2016-12-23 10:53:53

    Eighty-seven percent of highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI) -infected farms had either lost their initial efficacy or used untested disinfectants.

    According to data received from the Agriculture, Livestock and Livestock Food and Beverages Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Livestock, on December 23, epidemiological surveys of farmers who were confirmed as AI on 15th were found to be ineffective in 156 out of 178 And the use of disinfectants such as disinfection. This is equivalent to 87% of total farms.

    By farm, 151 farm households were found to have used acid-based disinfectants, which the government advised not to use because of its ineffectiveness at low temperatures in winter. 31 farms were using sterilized medicines that were ineffective due to insufficient recovery orders. The Agriculture, Livestock and Livestock Quarantine Headquarters has surveyed about 170 kinds of AI disinfectants in the first half of this year and decided to suspend the collection and collection of 27 items, but it is not done properly.

    In addition, there were two places that used disinfectants that were not proven effective, and five that did not use disinfectants at all.

    The disinfectant management, which is the basic principle of disinfection, has not been properly implemented. The AI ​​Epidemiological Investigation Committee of the quarantine headquarters, which is made up of private experts, also pointed out that there is a problem with the disinfection management, such as the fact that the government does not use the disinfectants that it deems inappropriate for some farmers.

    Kim Jae-hong, professor of veterinary medicine at Seoul National University, said, "The central government needs to supply a powerful disinfectant, but when it comes to selecting a specific company in Korea, it seems to be misleading. So, there is a loophole in the disinfection problem in the field. "

    "The fact that the disinfection system, which is the basis of AI protection, is inadequate even when products are discontinued and recycled are used," said Lee. "It shows the total insolvency of the government's anti-virus policy, It is necessary to take prompt action by the antipiracy authorities such as strengthening the efficacy and the test. "