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S. Korea: Government confirms 19.1 million birds culled: 16.56 million chickens, 1.78 million ducks, 770k quail in avian flu outbreak - H5N6, H5N8 - December 19, 2016

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  • S. Korea: Government confirms 19.1 million birds culled: 16.56 million chickens, 1.78 million ducks, 770k quail in avian flu outbreak - H5N6, H5N8 - December 19, 2016

    Government update:

    2016-12-19 11:00:00
    1. AI occurs Trends
    (Domestic occurred) last Haenam, Jeonnam AI is 11.16 days, after the first occurred in Chungbuk negative, except gyeongnambuk Jeju to the current situation being what is happening in the country
    were reported 92 suspected cases of AI until now Double 76 (either positive farms 204 farms *, check 37 farms) gun 16 gun checks being were confirmed
    * (species), broiler ducks 74, laying hens 70 species ducks 22, chicken 9, spawning breeders 4, yukyongjong Rev. 4, broilers 1 , quail 2, scattering ducks 1, silkie one

    flesh disposal burial is 1911 Mansu 336 farmers, including the planned double chickens 1656 Mansour, duck Im Mansour 178 Mansour, quail 77

    to AI tests on wild birds 26 cases positive check was a double 25 cases are H5N6 type, one thing is highly pathogenic H5N8 type as will detected in the feces of Gyeonggi anseongcheon wild birds

    and generated from (overseas generation), China and Vietnam overburden caused the country than in the United States, Japan, Britain, France, has exist.
    US 2 from 2014 .12 month till '15 .6 April types AI of (H5N2, H5N8) also disposed of 226 cases occurred in the 15 weeks to buy about 50 million
    Japanese in Region 3 to '16 .11 July H5N6 type AI occurs 5 one must dispose of live chickens and ducks 78 million farms
    in Europe are the United Kingdom (12.16) in the years '16, Poland (12.5), Ukraine (11.30), Sweden (11.23), Denmark (11.21), Austria (11.10) Netherlands (11.11), Germany (11.9), Hungary (11.4), Russia (6.17), Italy (5.2), France also occur in (1.4) in 12 countries, including
    2 critical steps of the preventative measures
    (enhanced response system) government upgrading the crisis alert to a serious stage, while AI Central probation response headquarters (Head of Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Food Minister) the installation, chongryeok response to AI quarantine to beomjeong talisman
    central to rectify task force comprehensive sanghwangban, domestic hygiene and a half, border control half the field team including four gaeban with 24-hour two teams should
    - national security destination, Ministry of government Administration and Home Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Environment, Department of Health and Human Services (Centers for disease Control), KFDA assignees resident should like
    - government-joint (10 half 30 people) promoted by check local quarantine corresponding status (12.19 ~ 12.30; public safety treatment, ministry, agri-food section, and Centers for disease Control and prevention)
    - Central jeomgeomban (20 gaeban) to prevent the spread of gyeongnambuk non-occurrence region in the quarantine status conduct inspection and guidance
    , all municipalities slaughtered by installing the "regional disaster safety countermeasures headquarters", burial, movement control, leveraging its field defenses, such as disinfection and surveillance
    - farmers dedicated to local government officials hens areas of North Gyeongsang race (1.78 million Marie), Gyeongnam production (1.08 million) focused inspection in progress for such
    (live strengthened disposal) government is determined rapid-year-old disposition is important in order to prevent AI spread and stronger measures than emergency action guidelines (SOP)
    (500m inside) AI It occurs in principle to buy disposed of on my farm gageumryugwa of administrative regions Al 500m
    (500m ~ 3Km) protected areas and pre-emptive about gageumryugwa know the farm where the AI caused concern within the active preventative buy dispose of
    - 500m ~ 3km from farmers concerned about the AI infection of my farmers protected areas themselves early shipments, purchasing, and receiving active during hopes culling measures
    in cooperation with the agencies to improve that is to buy disposable delay (activation Defense squads) Agriculture, Forestry, Animal husbandry and Food " operating the AI starts Defense squads "to fast-year-old chongryeok disposal corresponding busy
    - AI started Defense squads were put into four teams 143 people Sejong, Anseong, Yeoju and Cheonan until 12.17 ~ 18 Sun. future sustainability commitment
    - also to buy disposal has secured mobilize private sector expertise available (3 companies 60) agreed to put at the disposal site to buy the necessary future
    - also key in relation to the investment support for personnel and equipment from the military
    (live dispose compensation) to buy the disposal of livestock and disposal the product-related compensation is 1,051 won (treasury 84.1 billion won) * estimate so far
    - dual 18.6 billion won Fathers were the remaining compensation even early execution propulsion
    * cost estimates are 329 farms 18,000 meteoric standards
    body for the disposal field personnel live (human infection prevention) operations continued to field teams (12.13 ~) at the Centers for disease Control for infection prevention measures
    - antivirals (13,100 Party), personal protective equipment while supplies etc. (13,960 pieces), buy disposable labor prevention training and guidance as countries stockpile conduct
    (sterilization movement control support) if requested nearby troops from municipal disinfection and go to the control of Admiral car control post in the military personnel * support
    * military support: 7 attempts, Admiral car 6 (20), and control post 11 It points 44 patients (12.18 days),

    government - wide integrated response to relieve disposal delay-year-old in the field
    - residual volume (12.15 days), No. 30 427 Mansour → (12.18 days) No. 22 242 Mansour (preventative measures strengthen) the government to seriously step upgrade according to strengthen the AI preventative measures for animal species-specific characteristics and vulnerable areas promoted
    by selection of the 18 opening, such as enhanced access control, livestock waste treatment management of (laying hens) farms and hub? Critical control
    -party gathering sikyongran dealers, warehouses and transportation nanjwa, Japanese disinfection and intensive checks both internal and external pallets, etc. promoted for use in vehicles
    (chicken), Busan material small traditional market sales office of live chickens in accordance with the AI occurred in chicken breeding farms (27 number) (413 places), garden-type restaurant ( 806 points) in the flow material prohibited, such as * and market isolation (about 52 Mansu) promotion
    * 11.19 days distribution prohibited → to merchantability decrease overweight, such as a long-term distribution prohibited, and related industries can do damage → 12.10 relations Council → 12.15 days quarantine strengthening measures conditions with limited distribution resumed → Busan chicken AI occurs such as a distribution re-ban and market isolation promotion
    (sanctions) possible strong sanctions with the check for the relevant farmers, businesses and workers who violate the quarantine regulations in the field
    - egg transport mibuchak the GPS in vehicles or non-functioning one-party charges including strong legal sanctions for * charged
    * accused promoted to the operator of the GPS stipulated seven vehicles caught in violation - livestock epidemic prevention 3 clause 2 and 3 of 53,000,000,000,003 violation of one year imprisonment or 10 million won or less fine of not more than
    - when dogyejang check my pending training of chicken liver test results dogyejang closed * and disinfecting measures, shipments farmers preventative measures (slaughtered during tests positive)
    * chicken pending Gyeonggi dogyejang dogyejang closed (12.18) tested positive in a simple test
    (H5N8-type response) is added in connection with the highly pathogenic H5N8 AI type detected in the wild migratory 12.19 days to hold a livestock quarantine Defense Committee discussion on promotion and
    3. stable supply measures
    ( there are egg supply) affect the egg supply to the hens live disposition and movement restrictions promote a stable supply measures in sanrangyegwa eggs
    (laying hens) induced to not only imports of laying hens breeder imported spawn practical genealogical and regulated Air transport costs such as support promotion
    (total column) eggs air transportation support income for the emergency allocation tariffs (tariffs of 27%, the base portion cooperation) and inspection period shortened (sikyak processed cooperation) promote such
    influence on the (broiler ducks) current supply is although there is no significant impact promotional push for enabling consumption 4. the long-term plan to raise enforcement measures and coordination requirements
    by selecting a major improvement projects based on the problems presented site, etc. Prevention (long-term measures) was established to promote the long-term measures.
    (Propulsion system strengthening) central, local governments in the livestock quarantine function (organization, human resources), expanding the field center of the quarantine system strengthening through
    (surveillance system maintenance) peacetime surveillance methods improved, migratory movement-related information overseas cooperation and reporting related systems improvement scheme maintenance
    (farmers responsible for epidemic prevention) animal husbandry modernization, such as breeding environment, the maintenance of farms, livestock permit system management enhancement, live disposal compensation system improvements enhance farmers and affiliates voluntary quarantine system through such
    (technology development) developed winter apply a disinfectant technology, AI rapid diagnosis technology development and drones take advantage of disinfectant status check, etc.
    (details to cooperate) people you He gave to cooperate with the vehicle disinfection and movement control in order to prevent the spread of the AI, and ask that give to refrain from poultry farms and a major migratory doraeji access,
    poultry farmers and workers are biosecurity the AI disinfectant is very important because when you access the barn bangyeokbok and be subjected to disinfection wore a dedicated shoe box in
    case or our chickens and ducks, egg production is hayeoteul found abnormalities falling, etc. - also livestock farmers and veterinarians, etc.'ll need to report immediately to the competent local or livestock quarantine institutions
    , especially in connection with laying hens farmers as long as AI occurs many workers in laying hen farmers pallet and drawing board (wooden board) used to carry eggs Please thoroughly disinfected,
    - farms gihayeo thoroughly to carry out disinfection about whether working with GPS-equipped vehicles entering and exiting the identification and vehicle, and off, such as around the barn applied with sufficient spacing so that can intrusion of wild birds such as Prevention free wind
    -egg carrier hub is the driver of the vehicle carrying egg device GPS and the urge should feel free to and to always work, thoroughly disinfect the inside and outside of the egg vehicles
    government blocked the spread of AI and commits the government to an early end I will make every effort in the dimension

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    food prices affected ......

    The worst bird flu outbreak (AI) ... Restaurant industry
    2016-12-19 11:06:32

    The government raised the crisis alert for avian influenza (AI) to the highest level, the 'serious' level. It is in fact the first time the AI ​​serious phase has been issued. In 2010, there was a serious stage announcement, but at that time, foot and mouth disease was more problematic than AI. The collapse of poultry and eggs has accelerated due to the AI ​​situation in the colostrum, causing damage to the related industries.

    AI is a viral infectious disease that infects birds such as chickens, ducks and migratory birds. It propagates mainly by direct contact, but it can also be spread by people or vehicles contaminated with viruses. The AI ​​has the highest rate of contagion, causing serious damage to the industry.

    So far, the biggest AI damage ever recorded was the disposal of 13.96 million birds in 1954 and 1954. At that time, the government paid 240 billion won in compensation to farmers who lost chickens and ducks. However, this month, more than 15 million have been disposed of in just one month. Again, massive fiscal spending is inevitable.

    duck meat consumption plummeted 14 percent

    raw chickens price is 20% off the

    farm damage is only the beginning of AI firestorm.

    The shortage of broiler chickens and laying hens due to mass disposal causes huge economic losses for the front and back industries. Egg prices are soaring right now. This is because about 70% of the poultry that were disposed of at this time were laying hens, and the supply amount dropped sharply.

    E-mart and Lotte Mart have raised egg prices by 25 ~ 30% since December 16th. As a result, the price of one egg (30 pieces, based on the major) is over 6500 won. "We inevitably limit purchases to one copy per customer," said an official of a large-scale mart.

    The restaurant industry, which uses a lot of eggs, also took an emergency. An official of a confectionery industry said, "The eggs that are important for freshness can not be stored for a long period of time. If this situation goes on for a long time, product production disruption and price increase will be inevitable. " Especially, the bakery industry is in the midst of Christmas special. According to industry sources, cakes sold between December 24 and December 24 are the highest in the high season, reaching 12-15% of annual sales. An industry official said, "To make a cake, usually two to five eggs go in. Currently, the inventory is almost exhausted, so the purchasing team is playing for the eggs in order to supply eggs. "

    Sales of chicken meat also dropped sharply due to a contraction in consumer sentiment. According to E-Mart, sales of chicken meat fell 12.1% and duck meat sales fell 14% over the same period last year. In the same period, the number of customers who purchased chicken decreased from 380,000 to 330,000 to 50,000. Slowing consumption led to price declines. According to the Korea Broiler Association 's mountain price data, the price of raw chicken (large) was 1890 won in November, similar to the previous month, but dropped by 20% to 1490 won in December.

    The problem is that this situation can be prolonged. A total of 10 percent of the laying hens and 35 percent of the laying hens (laying hens) were slaughtered. Even if the breeding farms increase the number of laying hens from now on, it takes more than six months for the chicks to become adults. This is the reason why the supply of eggs is not going to be smooth in the industry at least until the first half of next year.

    Jung-min Hyundai Research Institute researcher said, "It is estimated that the direct and indirect losses incurred by the occurrence of AI will reach a maximum of 1.477 trillion won." He emphasized that "