School disaster and psychological trauma intervention technical work training
Chungnam Provincial Office of Education protects students from various disasters safely

2017.01.05 14:34:01

The Chungnam Provincial Office of Education (Chief Superintendent Kim Ji-chul) provided training on early disaster impact recovery training to safeguard students from various disasters. From June 5 to June 19, It is conducted at Sunmoon University.

Attendees participated in this training for the first time in the nation to cooperate with the Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatric Association Disaster and the Trauma Committee (founding in 2015) to provide psychological first aid "Psychological First Aid - School" I receive it. The PFA-S is most effective immediately after the incident (from one to two weeks after the accident), and is a program that can be started at the evacuation site or in the sanctioned situation while the incident is underway when the safety of students and staff is certain .

▲ School disaster and psychological trauma intervention technical job training consisted of hands-on lecture and simulation training through virtual scenarios.

It is true that the national disaster occurs each year, such as the sinking of the lake in 2014, the Melles in 2015, and the earthquake in Gyeongju in 2016, but the school is vulnerable to major disasters and is still not ready. In addition, students who are exposed to disasters such as student suicide crisis, fire, school violence, domestic violence, and traffic accidents are neglected from psychological trauma, resulting in physical and emotional problems, Often resulting in negative outcomes.

Therefore, the Chungnam Provincial Office of Education reduced the need to train early recovery agents and started to operate an active education program from this year. Training consisted of hands-on lectures and simulation exercises through virtual scenarios, which allowed attendees to protect students as psychological first aid agents in the event of a disaster at the actual school site.

"The Chungnam Provincial Office of Education will safeguard students who will lead the future from disasters, help them recover early from anxiety, fear and suffering, and provide support and services for all students to grow bright and healthy. We will continue to push forward. "