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Myanmar: Outbreak of unidentified disease in Naga Autonomous Administrative Area - Acute Pneumonia?

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  • Myanmar: Outbreak of unidentified disease in Naga Autonomous Administrative Area - Acute Pneumonia?


    Myanmar: Outbreak of unidentified disease in Naga Autonomous Administrative Area
    In 2016, 80 people died of measles and other infectious diseases in Nan Yun and Lahe Townships in Naga
    | NE NOW NEWS | YANGON | August 26, 2018 4:16 pm

    Myanmar’s -Ministry of Health, Infectious Diseases Eradication Department (Central) says over 100 children in Don Hee Town, Nan Yun Township, Naga Autonomous Administrative Area were being treated for an unidentified disease, Mizzima News reports.

    According to the report, the outbreak of the unidentified disease first took place in early August and the main problem area is Don Hee Town, Wan Dote village in Myanmar.

    “According to the latest available information, over 100 children have been infected with this disease. We cannot say exactly yet what happened in this area. A field medical team is going to that area and they are on their way. The sub-township medical officer from the nearby area has reached there but we have not received yet any detailed information. This area is remote and far-flung area so that we cannot get yet detail information on this disease,” the report quoted a health department official.

    Symptoms of this disease were fever, reddish eye, and rashes on the skin.

    Chairman of Don Hee Town Naga Culture Association, John Shan, said that most of the children who were infected were from kindergarten to Grade 6...

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    Apparently the outbreak is on-going with 7 dead to date, all below the age of 18. Symptoms include increased body temperature, nose bleeding and loose motion.

    Read here:


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      Disease outbreak in Myanmar’s self-administered zone assumed as acute pneumonia
      By Marta Subat on September 12, 2018 News Summary

      YANGON, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) — An unknown fatal disease, which has claimed the lives of seven children in Nanyun township, Myanmar’s Naga Self-Administered Zone, is assumed as acute pneumonia related with seasonal flu, Myanmar News Agency reported Wednesday, quoting an announcement of the Ministry of Health and Sports.

      The unidentified disease recently broke out in Kwelan village in the township, which is a small village with a population of only over 600 and then spread to Shanhepawkun and other nearby villages.

      The ministry attributed the acute pneumonia attack on the children to having not received a pentavalent vaccine following a seasonal flu...


      Flu outbreak kills five in Naga
      By DVB
      12 September 2018

      An outbreak of flu has claimed five deaths in the Naga self-administered zone in northern Burma.

      After the news broke of the flu outbreak in Nanyun Township of Naga self-administered zone, medical teams were sent to the region on September 7 after negotiating access to the isolated Naga region.

      A local doctor in the region has said that the situation is now under control...