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Singapore confirms 4 new Zika cases

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  • Singapore confirms 4 new Zika cases

    ingapore has confirmed four new Zika cases with two found in two new clusters at Highland Road and Jansen Close, said the National Environment Agency (NEA) on Tuesday. NEA said the authority has commenced vector control operations at the cluster areas.
    The other two cases were discovered at the Glasgow Road cluster on Monday and the Poh Huat Road West/Poh Huat Terrace/Terrasse Lane cluster on Tuesday.
    NEA urged residents to maintain vigilance and play a part in preventing transmission through eradicating mosquito breeding habitats in the neighborhoods.

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    Government report:


    Community Urged To Take Immediate Action As Zika Cluster At Highland Road / Jansen Close Is Reported

    Four new Zika cases confirmed;
    Continued vigilance required as asymptomatic cases could fuel transmission of virus
    Singapore, 25 April 2017 Two cases of locally transmitted Zika virus infection in Singapore have been confirmed at Highland Road / Jansen Close. Both cases are residents in the vicinity. This new cluster was notified today (25 April 2017), and the National Environment Agency (NEA) has commenced vector control operations at the cluster area. An additional case was confirmed at the Glasgow Road cluster yesterday and another new case at the Poh Huat Rd West (Nouvelle Park, The Waterline) / Poh Huat Ter / Terrasse Ln (Terrasse) today. The cluster at Flower Road / Hendry Close closed today and is currently under surveillance. Residents and stakeholders are urged to maintain vigilance and continue to eliminate mosquito breeding habitats, as there could still be asymptomatic or mild, undiagnosed cases which might result in further transmission of the virus if there are mosquitoes in the vicinity.
    2 NEA has been conducting preventive inspections in the vicinity before the cluster at Highland Road / Jansen Close was notified to detect and destroy any potential mosquito breeding habitats. NEA is also continuing with vector control operations in the other clusters. Together with grassroots volunteers, outreach efforts have commenced in the vicinity of Highland Road / Jansen Close. Zika information leaflets and insect repellents have been distributed to households to raise the general awareness of Zika, and reiterate the need for source reduction to prevent mosquito breeding. Residents were also advised to apply repellent as a precaution.
    3 Residents are requested to allow NEA officers to carry out inspections and indoor spraying of their homes. NEA urges all residents and stakeholders to maintain vigilance and take immediate steps to eliminate mosquito breeding habitats by practising the 5-step Mozzie Wipeout.
    4 Most people infected with the Zika virus do not develop symptoms, which heightens the risk of a Zika resurgence as it may take some time before a reintroduced Zika virus is detected. With the presence of the Aedes mosquito vector here, everyone must therefore continue to maintain vigilance and play his part to prevent future localised transmission through eradicating mosquito breeding habitats in our neighbourhoods.
    5 Members of the public are advised to seek medical attention if they are unwell, especially with symptoms such as fever and rash. They should also inform their doctors of the location of their residence and workplace.
    6 Updated information on Zika and details on current clusters can be obtained from NEA’s website: and
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