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Cyprus: Outbreak of Newcastle Disease in poultry

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  • Cyprus: Outbreak of Newcastle Disease in poultry


    Disease outbreak
    20 June 2013 16:48

    NICOSIA - Thousands of birds are facing slaughter on three farms in the Mamari area because of an outbreak of Newcastle disease...

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    Re: Cyprus: Outbreak of Newcastle Disease in poultry

    Some good detail on the progression of this outbreak. Bird losses are now over 250,000. (It's worth noting that the comment made by Mr. Kyriakides about the source of the outbreak may be based more on politics than science. There are no reports from OIE about any outbreaks in Northern Cyprus this year.)

    The OIE report referenced in the article can be found here: x

    "Newcastle disease - the forgotten pest?


    The poultry industry in Cyprus has been devastated by an outbreak of Newcastle disease, which has resulted in the loss of more than 250,000 birds so far.

    The outbreak began on a broiler unit on June 11, according to a report issued by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). Updates issued since that initial report show that another three units on the island have now been hit by the disease. A total of 251,000 birds have either died from the disease or been destroyed by the authorities in their response to the outbreak.

    All of the affected farms are in the Lefkosia district of Cyprus.

    The first farm affected was at Kokkinotrimithia, where 115, 500 birds were kept in five houses on a broiler unit. The OIE says that the signs that something was wrong included an increased mortality rate and respiratory and neurological problems amongst the birds. A total of 44, 241 birds died as a result of the disease. The rest of the flock was destroyed.

    The second unit affected was just 100 metres away from the first one. The 43,500-bird broiler unit reported increased mortality, with 10,164 birds falling victim to the outbreak. Post mortem examinations said that lesions consistent with Newcastle disease were discovered on the birds. Again, the rest of the flock was slaughtered by the authorities.

    On the third farm affected, 5,742 birds out of a flock of 24,000 died as a result of the disease. The rest were destroyed.

    The fourth outbreak was in a 68,000-bird flock owned by the farm involved in the original outbreak. A total of 1,462 birds died from the disease. The others were slaughtered in response to the outbreak.

    Giorgos Kyriakides, director of the veterinary services in Cyprus, described the situation as "very difficult? and said that the authorities were taking a series of precautionary measures to limit the spread of the virus. He said it was the first time that such an outbreak had been recorded on the island for decade.

    He also suggested that the infection could have been transmitted from farms in the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus...".


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      Re: Cyprus: Outbreak of Newcastle Disease in poultry


      Local News Main November 15, 2013
      New case of avian disease detected

      A fresh case of Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) has been detected by veterinary services at a poultry farm outside Nicosia, authorities said on Friday.

      Authorities have quarantined the Kokkinotrimithia unit and its 12,500 birds will all be examined for traces of the virus, deputy head of veterinary services Andreas Papaefstathiou told the Cyprus Mail...