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CA: An equine flu has killed over a dozen wild burros in the Inland Empire

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  • CA: An equine flu has killed over a dozen wild burros in the Inland Empire


    An equine flu has killed over a dozen wild burros in the Inland Empire
    LA Times
    Christian Martinez
    July 8, 2022, 9:00 AM

    As humans continue to contend with COVID-19, herds of wild burros in the Inland Empire are facing their own outbreak of a deadly equine influenza that has killed more than a dozen donkeys since June.

    The burros, which roam around 30 to 40 square miles in the mountains and hills east of Riverside and south of San Bernardino, began showing up sick around a month ago, said Chad Cheatham, vice president of the nonprofit DonkeyLand sanctuary in Colton.

    While serving as a sanctuary for injured burros, DonkeyLand has also been responding to reports of sick donkeys and taking them to equine veterinarians for treatment.

    However, the illnesses have often been too severe for veterinarians to intervene.

    "Several herds in different jurisdictions have been dropping dead without any time to help save them," the sanctuary wrote on Facebook last week. "Their symptoms have all been the same, from foaming or bubbles from the mouth, dripping noses, coughing or showing severe symptoms of heavy labored breathing."...

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    The article above says: "Wan said donkeys coming into contact with domesticated horses, which are often vaccinated, could have started the outbreak."
    So the vaccinated animals must be carrying the virus with little or no symptoms.

    Mostly young burros are affected:
    Equine influenza is blamed for the deaths of nearly 20 wild donkeys between Colton and Moreno Valley in recent weeks.

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