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    Mystery killer silencing honeybees
    <HR style="COLOR: #cccccc" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->NOTA:

    Please consider this.

    Propolis is one of the best antibiotic and antimicrobian accessible. It is already expensive and last week the price of raw propolis as double, we expect to be in TOTAL rupture of stock in a month or so.

    The Propolis used to be lyophilisised to be insert in capsules was bough prior to the bee problem.

    Therefore NOW is the time to buy raw propolis at the old price and capsules Propolis in drug or natural food stores. It is still cheap for few weeks.

    Please cf: to our alternative medicine section and take knowledge of the use of Propolis in diseases.

    Then comes the pollen,

    Pollen is the sole nutritional element in survival exercise for some military ops. Pollen contains all essential nutrients your body needs. It is the lighest most concentrate and full nutrient element to have in a Bug out Bag.

    Its prices will rise too but few weeks after the Propolis prices rise up.

    My fear is that, since the distributor of Propolis are the same one that distribute Pollen and Honey, I reiterate that NOW is the time to buy Bees products and I invite you to go check by yourselves of the many benifits to have those products in our medicinal/food cabinet.

    Last thing, the prices of almonds will skyrock, again take knowledge of the Laetrile present in the almonds and NOW is the time to buy some.

    All the above products can still be bough at a reasonnable price for FEW WEEKS.

    Act accordingly for those in the known.

    A suggestion brought to you by Flu Trackers Team.


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    Re: NOTA from Flu Trackers Team


    National Honey Board Industry Statistics Report

    Description: Average Wholesale Case Price Per Pound Across All Reporting Regions
    Last Updated: March 15, 2007

    This looks like a good site to track the wholesale price of honey.

    (If someone knows how to post this chart, please do so. I do not know how.)


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      Re: NOTA from Flu Trackers Team

      All thanks to Jonesie

      Please do not forget that the Honey Production is kickstart by the leftover of the last production, and its one of the last 'storage' done by the bees, therefore the last to feel the impact of a problematic Hive.

      Propolis is the first Mission of the bees, it is use to seal the Hive, to provide antiviral for diseases that comes in the Hives and for some specifics for Royal Gelly Production.

      Propolis & Pollen are important to stock.

      Pollen, by the way must be consider as a MUST for people who have Intestine problems and or diseases.


      National Honey Board Industry Statistics Report

      <!--Insert appropriate description of report here -->
      Description: Average Wholesale Case Price Per Pound Across All Reporting Regions
      <!--Always refresh date here after new report is inserted -->Last Updated: March 15, 2007

      <!--insert report graphic here -->
      For printing: Your browser may only print this report correctly in landscape orientation.
      Click the File menu -> Page Setup -> Landscape