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China - 14 cutaneous anthrax cases in Heilongjiang Province

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    started a topic China - 14 cutaneous anthrax cases in Heilongjiang Province

    China - 14 cutaneous anthrax cases in Heilongjiang Province


    255 sheep culled to curb anthrax in Northeast China city
    2018-08-09 Editor : Mo Hong'e

    (ECNS) - A total of 255 sheep have been slaughtered following a suspected outbreak of anthrax in Jiamusi City, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province.

    According to the Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center of Huanan County in Jiamusi, newly purchased sheep from the province’s Qitaihe City died from suspected anthrax at a local breeding site.

    Huanan authorities promptly launched an emergency response plan, implementing a series of measures to disinfect the area and prevent the spread of the deadly disease...

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    More than 100 people in Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang are infected with anthrax, Russia strengthens epidemic prevention and travel warning


    The outbreak of anthrax in northern China has been reported. According to reports from neighboring Russian media on Tuesday (21st), the Russian Ministry of Health and Epidemic Prevention has issued a travel warning to inform the Russian public about the recent outbreak in northern China. It is recommended that citizens plan to travel to China. Pay attention to it.

    Reports indicate that at least 106 people in Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang have been infected with anthrax since the beginning of this year , but the Chinese government has not announced the epidemic.

    Russia is very nervous about the epidemic, and the health and epidemic prevention departments have stepped up quarantine work on the Sino-Russian border to prevent the influx of the epidemic.

    The Russian anti-epidemic department pointed out that although Russia does not import live animals from China, the most stringent anti-epidemic inspections have been carried out for raw and cooked meat products imported from China .

    Special inspections are also carried out for all related commodities imported from China, including feed , to prevent the spread of the epidemic from China to Russia.

    According to the data, anthrax is an acute infectious disease of zoonotic diseases. Most of these diseases occur in herbivores. When humans come into contact with the skin, body, blood or objects contaminated by the diseased animals , it is also very easy. infected.

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    14 anthrax cases reported in northeast China

    Source: Xinhua| 2018-08-11 00:16:14|Editor: huaxia

    HARBIN, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- Fourteen cutaneous anthrax cases have been confirmed in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, local authorities said Friday.

    One of the 14 patients has been cured and discharged from hospital, the information office of the provincial government told a press briefing.

    The epidemic is under control and the patients have been under effective treatment, it said.

    Local authorities are examining the pathogens. A total of 818 sheep in the affected and high-risk areas in Huanan and Yilan counties have been culled.


    Heilongjiang anthrax epidemic under control

    By Zhou Huiying | | Updated: 2018-08-10 21:11

    An anthrax epidemic in Heilongjiang province, which has infected 14 people, is under control, and all patients are in stable condition, according to a release from the Health and Family Planning Commission of Heilongjiang on Friday.

    As of Thursday evening, 13 of the 14 patients were receiving hospital treatment in the provincial capital of Harbin and the cities of Jiamusi and Jixi. The other patient has been discharged from the hospital after recovery, according to the commission.
    According to an expert with the commission, the anthrax outbreak in the province is limited to cutaneous anthrax, which has a low death rate. Immediate treatment is often effective.

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