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TN: Blount County Animal control warns of sick raccoons

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  • TN: Blount County Animal control warns of sick raccoons
    Animal control warns of sick raccoons

    Wildwood Road resident Kathy Watson sensed something was wrong when a stray raccoon threatened her 6-month-old kitten, Mercy, in her driveway one afternoon last week, only to turn unexpectedly sluggish and quiet.
    Blount County Senior Animal Control Officer Jeff Campbell — the man who picked up the sick raccoon outside Watson’s home — says he’s seen perhaps 25 cases over the course of summer 2017.
    Officers in both Maryville and Alcoa tell a similar story. Sgt. Eddie King with Maryville’s animal control estimates that he’s seen more than 20 sick raccoons — likely distemper victims — since spring. And Matt Cunningham, a 17-year veteran of animal control in Alcoa, says the problem this year has been unlike anything he’s seen in his long career....

    According to the article below, Blount County was not scheduled for a rabies vaccine drop this year.
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