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Rwanda: No More Swine Flu Cases-Gov't

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  • Rwanda: No More Swine Flu Cases-Gov't

    Rwanda: No More Swine Flu Cases-Gov't
    Irene V. Nambi
    1 February 2010

    Kigali After four months of battling with the infectious influenza A, H1N1 commonly known as Swine Flu, there are no more cases of infection in the country, an official in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Justin Wane yesterday revealed.

    According to Wane who heads the Swine Flu response team, the most recent confirmed cases were those in Kigali Central Prison commonly known as 1930 but as per last week all cases had fully recovered.

    "Since last week, we have not received any reports about emerging cases and certainly the situation is under control now. We mainly attribute the success of this fight to increased hygiene among all Rwandans.

    "It is also important to note that those who contracted the flu made it a point not to infect others. Behavioral change also contributed a great deal to this achievement and we hope that the situation will remain as it is," Wane explained.

    The first case of the influenza was first reported in Mexico in April last year. The deadly flu later spread to all continents of the world hitting the country on October 7.

    Officials note that so far about 400 cases have been treated and recovered fully. "The rate at which the patients were recovering is truly commendable and since its confirmation in the country, cases have not been severe but rather very mild," Wane said.

    The Ministry of Health, through TRAC Plus, the National Reference Laboratory and other organs, continue to monitor the situation closely and work on improving the emergency preparedness capacity and surveillance.
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