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Mauritius: 39 Yo Women ?

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  • Mauritius: 39 Yo Women ?

    july 26

    automatic translation : I hope you can read it

    Influenza A] suspicious death of a woman 39 years

    Nilen KATTANY
    SADEEDAH Jhoomun, 39, passed away last Friday at the Northern Hospital. This death makes rebound the controversy over the presence of influenza A in Mauritius. Relatives of the young woman ruling out, in fact, the possibility that his death from the virus. Especially since the doctor who looked after her were told she had the symptoms of the disease.

    or so claimed the brother of the victim, Reza Khadaroo. But to this day, relatives of Sadeedah have received no information from the Ministry of Health. A lack of communication they decry strongly. Asked by the Express yesterday, the Head of Communications Department of Health, Dr. Abdool Ahad said he can not say anything about what it Death and held a press briefing this afternoon.

    The ministry's silence about the death of Sadeedah Jhoomun, who was diabetic, not only increased the exasperation of the family of the latter. What exactly did she dead?
    These questions remained unanswered last night. Or almost ... The death certificate of Sadeedah Jhoomun mention of sepsis, pneumonia and acute renal failure. ( acute renal failure was in english )

    This Tuesday, July 6 last Sadeedah Jhoomun goes to the hospital Jeetoo. She was immediately admitted to intensive care. According to Reza Khadaroo, his brother, the young woman was transferred to intensive care at the hospital the day after North.

    "The hospital Jeetoo has informed us that this transfer was necessary because his health had deteriorated. "Relatives of Sadeedah Jhoomun then travel to the Northern Hospital where they meet the doctor who cares for her. "The doctor told us that Sadeedah had symptoms of influenza A. He told us that we had taken a long time before taking him to hospital. She has been under treatment Tamiflu and the doctor said there was a 50% chance that it will survive, "said Reza Khadaroo.

    According to him, the doctor would have said he had also seen patients with similar symptoms last year. "Dokter ed Kumsa ki tou sof mor enn inn inn undermines ... ( it's dialect ) The doctor has advised us to get vaccinated. And we've all done without exception, "said Reza Khadaroo.

    Dr. Abdool Ahad confi rmed has neither denied nor that Sadeedah Jhoomun had succumbed to influenza A. "I can not make comment at this time. I will hold a press briefing tomorrow afternoon (Editor's note: today). It is only then that I can answer your questions. "