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first 2010 victime in mauritius

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  • first 2010 victime in mauritius

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    The H1N1 flu claimed its first victim of 2010 on our soil. Or at least, is the first confirmed death from the virus home. A native of Riviere du Rempart, aged 53, passed away at the clinic Darné. Employee of the Mon Loisir sugar estate as "Section Manager, he was admitted to the clinic last weekend.

    During one week, his condition was stable. But yesterday, his illness has grown at lightning speed. His lungs were affected and he spent his last hours on artificial life before finally succumbing to the virus to 20 hours.

    Relatives of the deceased are outraged. "What disgusts me most is the fact that the department claims that there are no cases of influenza A among us.
    Right now there are two other serious cases to the clinic, "says one of the victim's son. He explained that it was difficult at first whether it was the flu all the symptoms are similar to those of ordinary flu.

    The deceased leaves behind a widow, three children and three grandchildren.

    Dr. Hack Soreefan, spokesman for the Private Practionners Medical Association) said do not be surprised by this case. "I do not think that all cases were diagnosed. There are too many cases of flu in our hospitals, "he says.

    Dr. Soreefan said he noted that the flu virus this year is sharper and more severely affects the body. "There may be other cases yet undiscovered but there is no need to panic. We can not stop the flu. You just wait until it passes, like last year, "he says.

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    Re: first 2010 victime in mauritius

    124 cases of influenza A (H1N1) detected in Maurice since January 2010

    Mayan Hanoomanjee, the minister of Health, announced, during a press conference, on Monday, July 12th, that 124 cases of influenza A (H1N1) was discerned since the beginning of 2010. The minister of Health, Maya Hanoomanjee, has during a point of press called immediately, revealed that 124 cases of influenza A (H1N1), was recorded since the beginning of the year.

    « Since January, 2010, 1234 samples were tested in the laboratory of virology, in the hospital Candos. These 1234 samples, 346 cases been tested positive in influenza. Among these 346 cases of influenza, 124 were influenza A H1N1 », asserts the minister Hanoomanjee.

    The organization of press conference coincides with the provoked comments after the decease of a man in a private hospital deprived had been allocated in Influenza A (H1N1). The minister of Health confirmed that there was a decease owed to influenza A (H1N1), and that this decease is definitely that of Jefferd White, 52 years old and ex-frame of the sugar ownership of My Free time.

    According to the family, Jefferd White was made seize up for some days.
    He thought that he suffered from a seasonal influenza. It consulted a doctor, who prescribed him antibiotics. In the morning of Sunday, July 4th, not seeing his state improving, it consults a second doctor, who prescribes him, in his turn, other antibiotics. « On Sunday afternoon, it did not go better. He did not want to eat, he said that he wanted to vomit. I pointed out that he sweated » a lot, declares his spouse, Lillette White to the journalist Finlay Salesse, during the program " direct Inquiry " on the waves of Radio one.

    The fellows of Jefferd White decide, then, to drive it in a private private hospital. « Over there, the doctor sounded it. Then, they made him a radiography. It is there that the doctor discerned that he has already endured The doctor from an infection in lungs suspects that he introduced symptoms of influenza A (H1N1) », follows Lillette White.

    Some time afterwards, Jefferd White, having difficulties in breathing, is put under oxygen. His nights are agitated. He finds it difficult to sleep.
    « On Monday afternoon, Jefferd was then transferred to intensive care. », on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010, the results of the laboratory of virology confirm that Jefferd White had contracted influenza A H1N1. It is treated in Tamiflu. But, it died on Saturday, July 10th.

    They will say that not later only last week the minister of Health declared that there was no case of influenza A (H1N1) had been recorded. The doctors of the private and the representatives for private hospitals deplore the lack of communication between them and the Ministry of Health, on the question of Influenza A (H1N1)