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Mauritius: a 59-year-old man killed by H1N1 - 7 deaths

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  • Mauritius: a 59-year-old man killed by H1N1 - 7 deaths

    On Tuesday, May 30, a 59-year-old man from Pailles died in a hospital in Mauritius. He was a carrier of the H1N1 virus. Mauritian Health Minister Anwar Husnoo said 34 cases of influenza A had been recorded in the sister island since the beginning of the year.
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    Health / Mauritius: 2 deaths linked to the H1N1 flu

    PORT-LOUIS, June 1 (Xinhua) - Two people died of H1N1 bird flu complications, the Mauritian health ministry said on Wednesday. Mauritania's health minister, Anwar Husnoo reported that six other patients had been isolated but not an epidemic of this virulent form of influenza. The first patient who died was 59 years old and lived in Pailles, a suburb of Capital Port-Louis, while the second, aged 38, lived in Lallmatie, in the north of the island.

    Anwar Husnoo, in a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, also revealed that 34 cases of H1N1 flu have been recorded since the beginning of the year. In 2016, there were 61 cases, compared with 35 in 2015. According to the Minister of Health, "we should not worry and think that H1N1 is an epidemic." Anwar Husnoo said that "we are not in a crisis situation like 2010", because "the virus is present all over the world. It is a virus that is present every year".


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      H1N1 flu: a woman admitted to intensive care

      His state of health inspires great anxiety. A woman suffering from the H1N1 flu has been admitted to the intensive care unit of a private clinic in Curepipe on Friday, June 2. She is in isolation. On Tuesday, this virus made a second victim. Shashi Pursun, 38, died of the influenza on Tuesday, May 30, 2017, confirmed the Ministry of Health. Nevertheless, this authority asserted that Mauritius is not in a pandemic situation. "There are two cases where the virus can be fatal. For example, when the person's immune system is not resistant. This is particularly evident in the elderly. Second, it can be fatal when someone has other health complications, "a source told the Ministry of Health.


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        H1N1: A fourth death, 40 years old

        The number of infected people continues to grow A 40-year-old man died on the evening of Tuesday, June 6 at Victoria Hospital, Candos. On Tuesday morning, 16 people with H1N1 flu were admitted to hospitals and private clinics across the country. Against Monday morning. That is four more people in one day. As for the H3N2 flu, 47 cases were recorded from January to yesterday morning. After the five victims who succumbed to influenza in Mauritius, concern begins to reach Madagascar, which closely monitors the situation. According to the Malagasy ministry, it is the H3N2 flu that rages in the Big Island. "This is an epidemic of influenza. And just for Antananarivo, we are three dead. However, the authorities say there is no reason to be alarmed, "says Sylvain Ranjalahy, editor-in-chief of L'Express de Madagascar.


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          H1N1 Influenza Fifth death

          Savita Ayaperoomal, 33, died at Jeetoo Hospital in Port Louis on Wednesday, June 7th. According to a source from the Ministry of Health, the woman had no illness. She was transferred from a private clinic to the hospital while her condition was considered serious. The country has registered 97 cases of H1N1 virus since January with 24 people admitted to the five hospitals and private clinics. The H1N1 flu has already claimed four victims: Gorahbhay Ruhomally, a 54-year-old strawman, Shashi Pursun, a 38-year-old pandit from Lallmatie, 82-year-old Aziz Joomun and a 40-year-old patient. H1N1 is caused By an influenza A virus. This contagious respiratory tract disease causes symptoms of seasonal flu: aches, chills, cough, fever, headache, sore throat, possibly vomiting and diarrhea.


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            Influenza H1N1: two elderly patients die

            By JoŽlle Elix
            19 JUN 2017

            H1N1 continues to cause fatalities. On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June, two patients tested positive for this influenza died. The first is Jacqueline Desvaux, a resident of Ste-Croix, aged 74 years. As for the Department of Health, we are told that she has been admitted since June 7 to the intensive care unit of the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo hospital following a respiratory infection. His state of health was very precarious. According to our information, the patient was suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. "Since June 7, it was followed by the hospital service," it is said.

            The other deceased patient is Sounkan Atchia, aged 60 years. She was admitted on 3 June to the Wellkin private hospital in Moka, formerly Apollo Bramwell. Like the first victim, his health was bad. Indeed, it is explained that she had a medical history. She suffered from severe kidney failure. "She was on dialysis."

            Since the H1N1 flu has occurred, patients suspected of contracting the virus are being referred to the Flu Clinics of the five public hospitals on the island. If, over the previous two weeks, there was a large influx of patients, the Ministry of Health reported a decrease in the number of patients since the previous week. "People have become aware of this flu. They have begun to adopt good practices. And the patients have gone down. "

            The same observation was made by the Association of Private Physicians. According to its vice president, Dr. Ishaq Jowahir, the situation stabilizes in the medical centers. "People get vaccinated."

            To date, with these two victims, seven people have died of the H1N1 flu since the beginning of the year and one of H3N2. The latest is Savita Ayaperoomal, 33, who died on June 7 at the Dr. A.G Jeetoo hospital.
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              Leukemia: Amy Fanny catches H1N1 before leaving for care

              It only waits for the Overseas Treatment Unit (OTU) to fly to Reunion Island. Amy Fanny, a four-year-old with leukemia, is solely responsible for the Department of Health. However, the UTO board sits only once a week on Wednesdays. And, at the level of the ministry, one refuses to move one iota. Meanwhile, she contracted the H1N1 virus. "The pediatrician, in a letter written today, (note: yesterday) advances that the health of the child is clinically stable. The decision will be taken by the board Wednesday, " insists one side of the Health.
              Except that the parents and relatives of little Amy are, they, very worried. They hoped to have the cooperation of the authorities. "This is an urgent case. We had all the approvals. All we need is the UTO but no one wants to move on the side of the board so that the meeting takes place sooner, " explains Nicolas Fanny, the child's uncle.