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Southern Madagascar: 80 people die of undiagnosed disease

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  • Southern Madagascar: 80 people die of undiagnosed disease

    Hat-tip Pathfinder. Could be malaria, but could just as easily be plague; the symptoms are just too general.

    South of Madagascar: a mysterious illness kills inexorablement0 comments
    Posted by Reflection on May 18, 2012 in Society | 0 comments

    Nearly eighty people, mostly women and children, have died so far, others are sick and the death toll continues to rise. This is the provisional report on the mysterious illness that affects the population in some localities of the southern region. According to officials, resulting in symptoms of severe headache followed by abdominal pain and death occurs thereafter. Nobody has managed to put a name to this case but already advance the thesis of meningitis or malaria a rare virulence. Given the number of patients is increasing, there is a strong likelihood that the disease in question is contagious. Moreover, as explained a native of the southern region of the island, due to lack of financial means and for fear the high cost of caring, families of patients are reluctant to take them to centers Health. When they have symptoms, most people prefer to first seek treatment on their own, health centers come only last option, usually when the severity of cases beyond the means in the hands of doctors. Moreover, in the Southwest region, more precisely in the Menabe, another disease also kills children between 3 and 13 years. They have a high fever, convulse and die within hours. The information reported show a thirty children died since the four months during which the disease prevailed. Some parents have seen, powerless, destroyed all their children the same disease.

    The dramatic events that occur at terminals 900 of the capital where it is the union demands and political infighting that darken the lives of the population.

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    Re: Southern Madagascar: 80 people die of undiagnosed disease

    I can't tell if this is the same outbreak as:

    or not.