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Published Date 27-SEP-2009
Subject PRO/AH/EDR> Plague - Congo DR: (OR)

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Date: Wed 23 Sep 2009
Source: The Monitor [edited]
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The Ministry of Health [of Uganda] has launched a plague control
program in Nebbi and Arua districts as a result of a renewed threat
of the bubonic plague in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The
bubonic plague has been reported in Congo's Orientale province, which
borders the West Nile region. The plague control program is targeting
Vurra and Logiri in Arua district and Kango, Zeu and Jangokoro sub
counties in Nebbi district.

Under the new plague control program ministry of health together with
the 2 district health directorates will engage in massive
sensitization campaigns and spraying of homesteads in 5 subcounties
to prevent a possible outbreak of the disease.

In the West Nile area, the disease outbreaks have been commonly
reported in Logiri and Kango subcounties. In 2008, an outbreak of the
plague in the 2 subcounties left 17 people dead and 90 others

Communicated by:
ProMED Rapporteur Susan Baekeland

[Infections due to _Yersinia pestis_ are endemic in these areas of
the Congo DR. - Mod.LL]

[The Democratic Republic of the Congo can be located using the
HealthMap/ProMEDmail interactive map at:
- CopyEd.EJP]

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