Posted January 6, 2016 18:23
Tunisia denies the registration of any case of bird flu on its territory

Denied Tunisia today to register any case of bird flu (H5 that 1) on its territory saying it intensively pursuing any development in the transmission of the epidemic.

The Tunisian Ministry of Health said in a statement that, following the bird flu virus in France appearance and because of what has been traded from rumors about the emergence of the virus in Tunisia, "the Ministry of Health confirms that it has not yet been registered any cases of bird flu."

The ministry said it is following the evolution of the situation of the epidemic geographically constantly depending on the surveillance system seasonal cross-monitoring network operating during the fall and winter in the period between October and in April the contribution of some 260 control center from the public and private sectors.

The ministry stressed the importance of preventive measures to combat infectious diseases, especially with regard to making sure to wash your hands and food hygiene as the individual behavior health proper remains the basis of preventing the transmission of such viruses.

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