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Niger - New [third] outbreak of bf in Niger

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  • Niger - New [third] outbreak of bf in Niger

    babelfished from French:

    A third aviary hearth of influenza discovered in Niger
    Arrange France-Press Niamey
    June 02, 2006

    A third aviary hearth of influenza was confirmed Friday in Niger in the village of Boko Maigao (700 km in the east of Niamey), by Bikou Issoufou, director of the animal resources of the department of Maradi, which was expressed on a local radio.

    "The aviary suspicion of influenza is confirmed in Boko Maigao. We did not detect signs with the naked eye and the autopsy in the died poultries, but the taking away were positive for virus H5N1", confirmed Mr. Issoufou.

    In April, 530 poultries died in fifteen days with Boko Maigao, a locality of the department of Maradi, where the first two hearths natives of Niger had already been detected.

    According to Bikou Issoufou, "nonthe respect of the import ban of the poultry and by-products", place from there at Niger since the confirmation of the first aviary hearth of influenza at Nigeria, is at "the origin of the recrudescence of the disease".

    "It will be necessary to be much more careful on the analysis of the symptoms of the aviary influenza. We do not have anything considering ", it continued.

    Virus H5N1 was detected at the end of February in Niger on ducks in two localities of the governorship of Zinder, bordering on Nigeria, another affected African country by the aviary influenza.
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    Re: Niger - New [third] outbreak of bf in Niger

    NIAMEY (Reuters) - Scientists in Europe have confirmed a new outbreak of deadly H5N1 bird flu in southern Niger, near the border with Africa's most populous country Nigeria, a senior local government official said on Friday.
    Tests carried out in Europe confirmed the presence of H5N1 in samples taken from the village of Boko Mai Gao, around 10 km (6 miles) from the border with Nigeria's Kano state, said the official, who declined to be named.
    The discovery comes three days after Niger, landlocked and among the poorest countries on earth, described its epidemiological situation as "calm".
    The H5N1 strain of bird flu was first confirmed in Niger in late February, but it took until April to start culling poultry in the affected areas.

    Scientists worry that poor health and veterinary systems in Africa could allow the virus to spread undetected among millions of domestic fowl living in houses and back yards.
    Several countries in West Africa, including Niger's neighbors Nigeria and Burkina Faso, have confirmed outbreaks of the deadly H5N1 bird flu, but so far no cases have been detected among humans.
    The only human cases confirmed so far on the African continent have been in Egypt, where six people have died out of 14 known human infections, and one in Djibouti, according to the World Health Organization, which says at least 124 people have been killed around the world since 2003.