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Libya - Gov says hundreds of chicken deaths in Tobruk are due to Newcastle disease - May 18, 2017

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  • Libya - Gov says hundreds of chicken deaths in Tobruk are due to Newcastle disease - May 18, 2017

    he deaths of hundreds of chickens east of Tobruk because of New Castle Disease

    Published 5 days ago
    News Source / Libya News 24
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    News Source /

    News Libya 24 - Private
    A member of a survey team of poultry Btabrq diseases Ekrayem strange references, there are cases of the deaths of hundreds of poultry area east of Gabes Tobruk because of the "New Castle Daziz" disease and not bird flu.
    Gharib said that - after the autopsy rapid Kait disease became clear her New Castle Daziz This type of respiratory disease consistent with bird flu rapidly and mortality is not contagious to humans.
    He pointed out that the symptoms of this disease on chickens is the difficulty in breathing green and diarrhea in addition to a very large but if a person is injured gets itchy only nose and eye mortality, which is not common diseases because it specializes in birds, especially the national chicken and meat and cause the owners of birds and state significant economic losses.
    He added that last week was there is a session held in Tobruk laboratory agriculture Aloliser device to transmit samples from the blood of infected birds in Tobruk and a number of eastern cities with the participation of 13 participants from Benghazi turf and Cyrene and Tobruk and was a successful session Ostglna on a large number of samples from the blood of infected birds.
    Unfortunately, the results showed some samples on the presence of bird flu, but we did not make sure that which is confirmed by the FAO organization is resolved is the presence of bird flu or not.
    He noted a strange disease that appeared in Tobruk in the previous periods are avian influenza and Newcastle disease Daziz disease and disease-IP Alqnbur.
    We consider that bird flu has disappeared as well as for any B disease and Alqnbur appears and disappears and the New Castle disease is present and unfortunately it is endemic in Tobruk.