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Ministry of Livestock and Animal Productions Guinea

3 hrs

URGENT: The Ministry of Livestock takes strong measures to counter the spread of bird flu H5N1 which appeared in Burkina Faso. We propose, verbatim, the declaration of Mr. Thierno Ousmane Diallo, Minister of Livestock and Animal Productions

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear compatriots;

During this month of April 2015, avian influenza H5N1 outbreaks have been reported in Burkina Faso. Given the importance of trade in poultry and poultry products in West Africa, the risk of introduction of this disease in our country remains, though not sharing land borders with Burkina Faso. This is why the Ministry of Livestock and Animal Productions took the following preventive measures to preserve our poultry farms and protect the health of our citizens against this disease which can be transmitted to humans; that include:

The suspension until further order of import and transit of poultry products (eggs, poultry) and recycled livestock equipment (drinkers, feeders, batteries) from Burkina Faso;

The reactivation of the epidemiological surveillance network, by strengthening border control and at the home sites of migratory birds;

Strengthening of veterinary inspection at the border and in markets;

Strengthening information exchange with the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources of the African Union (AU-IBAR) and neighboring countries on the evolution of the epidemiological situation the disease.

The Ministry of Livestock and livestock production, while asking the Guinean poultry farmers not to panic, would like to reassure them that the Government has taken all necessary steps to protect their farms. However, he invited them to be vigilant and strengthen collaboration with veterinary services for the early detection of any suspect cases.

I can not end this statement without expressing the gratitude of farmers and livestock sector operators in the place of government and head of state, Pr. Alpha Conde, for all the efforts they keep consent for the livestock sector.

Thank you