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"Djibouti cuts down its poultries"

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  • "Djibouti cuts down its poultries"

    Djibouti cuts down its poultries

    Within the framework of the fight against the aviary influenza which made its appearance in our country there is that two weeks, the demolition of poultries decided by the ministry for Health to protect the population continues. After Damerjog and the neighbouring localities, it is with the tower of the capital to get rid of all its poultries. The operation begins Friday tomorrow. It is Friday tomorrow that the poultry demolition campaign will take place in the capital.

    The team of the interdepartmental committee set up within the framework of the monitoring of virus H5N1 already carried out similar operations in the locality of Damerjog and her surroundings. Extremely of this experiment, the members of the committee started with sensitizing in the capital, especially recalling to the population that it was absolutely necessary to avoid any contact with the poultries. For the persons in charge for the various government departments engaged in this combat, it is obvious that the question of the compensation can possibly cause an absence of co-operation of the population. But they are unanimous on the question: "the public health must take precedence over that of the particular interests", underlines the secretary-general of the Ministry for Agriculture, Mr. Djama Mahamoud. It is thus recalled to the population that the destruction of the poultries remains before a a whole question of public health.

    Thus, all the domestic owners of hens and pigeons are held to declare them with the teams of demolition which will carry out door with door. In the same shutter, prohibition to import and sell poultries on foot was decided and communicated on the whole of the territory. In the various stages of the preparation of this operation of scale, the team of the ministry for the agriculture which supervises this mission came to discuss with the district of Djibouti, more ground in the organization of the operations of this kind. This team which included/understood the secretary-general, the director and the head of department of the Breeding could not better fall while taking part in the weekly meeting from Tuesday. The discussed points were the mobilization of the human and material means but also the definition of a concerted action plan. The collaboration of the Chiefs of district present at this meeting and their personnel was considered to be essential with the good unfolding of the countryside. The demolition of the poultries which will take place tomorrow will borrow the circuit of the vectorial campaigns and those of the vaccination which proceeded by zones. It will thus be carried out in 22 zones of the capital divided into three districts initially. It will mobilize 1000 men in uniform (all confused bodies) as well as the personnel of Health, the Agriculture and the district of Djibouti. During her meeting with the Police chief of the Republic, the team of the Ministry for Agriculture could note the relevant remarks in particular relating to the censuses carried out by the chiefs of districts. They also made a point of including in their program the remarks collected near the population as regards risks arising out of the pigeons and the corbels. "Let us not forget that the Djibouti raise more pigeons than of hens", the chief of the second district Mr. Abdi Hassan, concerned underlines of the complaints of the population of his district. In fact, in the districts, much of young people have breedings of pigeons and it is not rare to see them to have fun with a pigeon as if it were a pet. In addition, the fears expressed in connection with the corbels in overpopulation in the capital were submitted to the team of the ministry for Agriculture. This one reassured the participants by specifying that this operation of poultry demolition includes also the domestic breeding of pigeons but that the fight against the corbels will be undertaken later within the framework of the poisoning campaigns of the vermin (wandering dogs and cats, corbels, pigeons, rats...). Another meeting widened with the other speakers was organized yesterday with the ministry for Agriculture.

    It consisted in strengthening the angles before the final synthesis of the program envisaged today in the conference room of the Ministry for Agriculture in the presence of the Minister, Mr. Abdoulkader Kamil. The demolition campaign was also preceded by the program by sensitizing supported by the Ministry for Health as a whole by the districts "Following this countryside, several people telephoned to us to ask for the demolition of their poultries and their pigeons" specifies Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, veterinary surgeon. The Djibouti population which practises a very limited breeding, remains had with demolition since the families do not have, for reasons space, on average that two to four hens. "In the residential districts, the breeding is difficult but they are the inhabitants of the districts close to the gardens of Ambouli which practise the domestic poultry breeding" adds the Chief of the 3e Arrondissement, Mr. Mahamoud Boulaleh. The preparations go good train and it is requested from the population to show itself very co-operative. For the good being of all.

    Mohamed Aw Ali
    Saylacnews Djibouti
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